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When couples choose Royal Wedding Chapel for their wedding ceremonies or wedding receptions, they are always pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to work with our event staff. Whatever your family traditions are regarding faith, culture, and customs – the Royal Wedding Chapel and Event Center will help you coordinate all the elements to create a perfect occasion.

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private parties

Private Parties

Of course, weddings are a great reason to celebrate, but don’t let the fun stop there. The Royal Wedding Chapel and Event Center is a great place for any gathering:

Anniversary Parties • Class Reunions • Proms • Company Holiday Parties • Bat Mitzvah • Baby Showers • Sweet 16 • Quinceanera

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social events

Social Events

Community organizations and nonprofits pick Royal Wedding and Event Center for banquets, balls and annual conventions year-after-year. When budgets matter, they know where to go in Las Vegas to find the best food and atmosphere. With recent renovations and improvements, the Royal Wedding and Event Center is an even better venue to say “thank you” to the patrons who support your social event.

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Corporate Events

Need a day of training for your sales force? Planning a leadership retreat but don’t want to burn precious time commuting? How about a professional expo open to all your colleagues, prospects and customers? No matter the scale, the Royal Wedding and Event Center has the right facilities for your corporate event, business meeting or trade show.

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Wedding Venues In Las Vegas NV

The wedding venues in Las Vegas are as varied as the complexion of the city. And the levels of service or lack of service can be mind boggling. Don’t settle for average when the best is so easily achieved at the Royal Wedding Chapel. Elegantly fresh and modern, you will find it clean and accommodating in every way. We have everything you need on premise or easily accessible from our preferred vendors list.

As Las Vegas has reopened the demand for Las Vegas wedding venues has exploded so please make your decision and book as early as you can.

Should you have out of town guests coming for your wedding a nice benefit of the Royal Wedding Chapel is that we can place people in rooms right here on premise. We can book blocks of up to 20 rooms. You’ll enjoy a group rate and be sure no one is late.

We are conveniently located on the north end of The Strip near the intersection of Charleston Boulevard.


Small Wedding Venues Las Vegas

When your family is small and your friends a close-knit group, a small wedding can often be more appropriate for what you need. Small wedding venues in Las Vegas are smart choice. They’re economically thrifty and intimate.

Two criteria determine using a small wedding venue in Las Vegas is a good idea. One is determining who and how many you want to have attend. And the other is finding the perfectly sized venue with the services you need and desire to accommodate the wedding of your dreams.

Make searching for you perfect small Las Vegas wedding venue easy by choosing one of two spectacular Royal Wedding Chapel venues: The Crystal Chapel or The Secret Garden Chapel. The elegance and ambience of either are sure to make your wedding pleasurable and memorable for you and your guests.

The little white chapel Vegas Style

Many brides have grown up with the vision of getting married in the little white chapel. If that’s your dream, Royal Wedding Chapel can fulfill it — Vegas style. You see we have two versions of the little white chapel; one is The Secret Garden, and the other is The Crystal Chapel.

The Secret Garden is a romantically secluded outdoor venue, perfect for a wedding group of up to 20 people. It is tucked under the green shaded canopy of the nearly 100-year-old Tree of Love.  The Tree of Love reaches 80 feet skyward and is adorned with sparkling crystals. Its curved trunk bends to form a perfect loveseat. It’s surrounded by an intimate garden atmosphere. The venue is perched high atop a roof and closer to heaven.  Brides and grooms have often said The Secret Garden is better than the little white chapel could ever be.

Your other little white chapel option is the gorgeously elegant Crystal Chapel. Modern chandeliers teardrop downward from the ceiling and softly illuminate the randomly tiled gray wall in the front. It’s sure to frame your gown and perfectly offset its color against the contrasting neutral background. There’s a comfortable two step rise that lifts you into everyone’s line of sight.  The tiled wall, riser, and flooring merge into an elegant flow that carries eyes forward and to you.

Fitted with modern chairs and surrounded by crystals, this room is a showpiece. The venue is the perfect choice for smaller ceremonies of up to 30 guests.

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Your first step is securing your venue. Contact our reservations office for available dates for your company banquet, wedding reception, or business seminar.

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