A la Carte Services

  • Floral Arrangements
  • Professional wedding and event photography & videography
  • Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Tie-A-Knot-Ceremony
  • Foreign Languages Ceremony available on request (French, German, Spanish)
  • Elvis Impersonators
  • White Dove Release
  • Wedding in a Helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip
  • Champagne Toasts & Wedding Cakes
  • Reception with Full-Service Bar & Catering Services
  • DJ & Live Music Options
  • Hair Styling & Make-up Services
  • Limousine Services
  • Tuxedo/Gown Rentals

Videographer Las Vegas

We consider ourselves filmmakers, going above and beyond to make your wedding film unique for you virtually. Videos rouse life that can’t be expressed through an image and is a tremendous thanks to showcasing your love for each other. Mostly from our clients, we hear that the day just blew by and that they honestly don’t recollect it that well.

We genuinely tell a story of your love and are priceless when the day is over, and everyone you have got left is those memories. We can work together to take a photo or film your day through both images and video. But if you would like only one or the opposite. Still, if you’re eloping in surrounding states (or National Parks), we are always up for traveling to its exceptional location!

The Videographer Las Vegas thinks every of the primary essential parts of this whole process is to know our couples personally to tell their story. We will put our full time to get into every detail of your video, from the fonts to the song and every single transition.

The best part about choosing us is we are passionate about capturing either your photos and video. Videographer Las Vegas works as a team by helping one another get “the shot” because there’s no other worse than a photographer walking right into an epic shot for your wedding video, or vice versa!

We, Videographer Las Vegas, are one of those who fell soft on at a camera store and love capturing wild elopements and beautiful wedding ceremonies.

Las Vegas Videographer

There are more decent places, but most are too small for several productions; they don’t deliver on amenities and are out of the way and not convenient for talent or crew. That’s all changed with the opening of the Las Vegas studio. This newly built stage offers a three-sided cyclorama, 26’x35’x36′ with 18′ tall clearance. The scene provides free wifi, a secured yard with a 12×14 rollup door, and ample parking. The conditioned stage is open for business at this point and can still upgrade its offering with new makeup/wardrobe space, green room, lofted production overlook, and state-of-the-art lighting grid, all of which are coming soon.

The space is large enough to accommodate vehicles, multiple talent productions, photoshoots, music videos, and various forms of extensive rehearsals for the show business. Our network speed runs on fiber and offers many upload and download speeds for live stream productions. The studio is situated next to the airport and is conveniently located shortly from the strip. Las Vegas Videographer is one of the biggest production rental houses to make things even more convenient, making it easy to feature gear to any shoot within the studio before or during the shoot itself. They also offer a crew to fill out any production needs.

The Las Vegas Videographer, now open, will soon be the premiere cyclorama stage in the city, and it’s exciting to have an area of this quality in the town finally.

Small Weddings Las Vegas 

Whether you’re eloping, just inviting your closest friends and all of your immediate family members, this city is that the globe’s wedding capital is the ideal location to tie the knot. Additionally to the present, small weddings include many benefits that make them very appealing. Las Vegas has always been called the place to flee to once you want to own a romantic and intimate wedding.

We offer unique indoor and outdoor spaces with breathtaking views that don’t seem to be delivered anywhere else within the Las Vegas area only. The Small Weddings Las Vegas has an outdoor lakeside and indoor chapel ceremony spaces that will provide you with a chance to own an unforgettable day.

A beautiful lush green garden surrounds the chapel, and it is with flowers, swaying willow trees, and more. Small Weddings Las Vegas offers a chapel that’s like no other. We showcase traditional indoor features and features a modern and chic look, with a noticeable chandelier. It featured large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer you a front-row seat to the main beautiful lake in an urban center.

Our outdoor wedding venue is ideal for people who wish to possess a little metropolis wedding gathering. Each space is intended so you and your guests are in an intimate setting, surrounded by the most effective that nature can give.

Las Vegas wedding chapel is so famous since it has undeniable offers both outdoor and indoor features. By this, we mean that the groom and bride can step some feet outside of the chapel in Small Weddings Las Vegas so that they will say their “I DOs” right at the sting of the lake. The guests are still ready to remain seated within the chapel to witness the happy couple tie the knot.