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Let one of our four different beautiful venues delight you and your guests.

Tree of Love Wedding Chapel

Once you walk into this stunning Chapel, you will be presented with a romantic and elegant atmosphere that is breathtaking and magical: Flower arches for the bride to walk down the aisle, a majestic pine tree filled and surrounded with wisteria flowers, curly willows, vines, and roses with a sheer white draping backdrop awaits you. The room is equipped with professional audio and video systems, live stream, that will capture every moment of your ceremony. Be ready to be enchanted. This Chapel accommodates up to 60 guests.

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Crystal Wedding Chapel

This venue is perfect for smaller weddings and renewal of vows. Contemporary chairs, a room filled with crystals, creating the perfect atmosphere with a sophisticated modern elegance to say, “I Do”. This Chapel accommodates up to 30 guests.

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Royal Secret Garden

Stunning Rooftop location in a private and romantic hidden garden, under the canopy of our beloved Tree of Love. This wedding venue accommodates up to 20 guests.

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The Royal Showroom

The Showroom offers a wide open layout featuring a dramatic stage, custom designed decorations, grand crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. It provides the perfect reception space both elegant and welcoming. This venue accommodates up to 150 guests seated and it is equipped with a stage and DJ booth. The grand showroom is ideally suited for any occasion, business or social events: Receptions, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Corporate meetings, Anniversaries, Sweet 16, Quinceaneras, Bat Mitzvah, Baby Showers, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, Family Reunions, and Dinner Shows.

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Royal Wedding Chapel

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Royal Wedding Chapel

Royal Wedding Chapel is the most beautiful and elegant venue to host and celebrate your special day. We happily plan and coordinate your wedding ceremony, same-sex ceremony, commitment ceremony, and of course, renewal of vows. We offer you an unforgettable and personal experience. When you get married with Royal Wedding Chapel, you have a place in our hearts as well. We ensure that your wedding details are cared for, after all, love is in the details. Let our team of professional wedding coordinators, florists, stylists, and photographers assist you in customizing one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Royal Wedding Chapel 

Affordable class, elegance, and romance are within your grasp at the Royal Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Come here for the wedding of your dreams.

Whether you prefer a tastefully traditional wedding or a themed Las Vegas wedding or an avant garde fantasy event that expresses you as a couple, Royal Wedding Chapel has the right wedding package for you!

With 4 stunningly beautiful venues, we can accommodate any size ceremony from 2 people up to 300. Both indoor and outdoor venues are available.

What really sets Royal Wedding Chapel apart from the other wedding venues in Las Vegas and the many choices on The Strip is what they don’t have but you might take for granted. For example, dressing rooms. Casino chapels don’t have them. They don’t need them. Most of their guests get dressed in their rooms and then go downstairs to the facility. Royal wedding Chapel has a generous bridal dressing room that can accommodate the bride and all the bridesmaids. Relax and chat with a cold beverage from the wine cooler. Rely on our wedding coordinators to facilitate your every need for

  • A wedding planner
  • Gowns/tuxedos
  • Hair styling
  • Makeup
  • Jewelry
  • Reception
  • Cake
  • Catering
  • Champagne flutes
  • Bar service
  • Music/DJ
  • Limo
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Fresh cut or silk flowers
  • Unity candles
  • White dove release
  • Helicopter services
  • Ample dressing area for the bride and attendants, groom and groom’s people
  • Multilanguage ceremonies in English, Spanish, German, and French. Others available upon request.
  • Honoring cultural and family traditions like “tying the knot” to “jumping the broom.” Talk to us about your special needs.
  • Themed ceremonies from classy Elvis to any specialty concept your heart desires.
  • Impersonators
  • Video streaming to share your special event around the world
  • Room rates and bookings

There is attention to quality in every detail, including restrooms which boast 6 stylized stalls and 4 sinks in each facility.

Royal Wedding Chapel is internationally known and recognized, having been extensively featured on European television and across the globe.

Personalized service is paramount. We are not a wedding factory bent on getting you in and rushed out as soon as possible. We do not overbook. Ceremonies are incrementally spaced to allow you time and attention to get situated, ready, and have the wedding you always wanted.

Safety precautions

As the world-wide pandemic ebbs, we remain ever vigilant about your safety and that of your cherished guests. Sanitation protocols and procedures are in place. Areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each ceremony. Sanitation stations are conveniently placed and maintained.

For those wishing to hold a hyper-safe ceremony, we continue to offer live video streaming services. This popular service is immensely helpful for those in frail health or those who cannot endure the cost of travel or invest time to be with you.


Weddings and More

Consider Royal Wedding Chapel for other events besides weddings. We have the perfect venue to make lasting and elegant impressions. Clients have used us for corporate meetings and presentations, product launches, seminars, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and even a band premier. Upgrade your annual meeting or family reunion. Quinceaneras are our specialty.


Venue Size Matters

There’s nothing worse than planning your wedding, showing up for it, and finding out it cannot accommodate your guests. There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of wedding venues in Las Vegas to choose from. Many can provide themes like Elvis singers. There’s entertainment of all kinds. Some are large. Some are small. Some are in hotels and casinos. Ultimately when you are looking for a wedding venue in Las Vegas you should never have to worry about fitting all your friends and loved ones in. This is, of course, why size matters.

Small Wedding Venues Las Vegas

Weddings come in all sizes, but it seems most often that small intimate weddings are preferred choices. Couples most often make this choice due to their situation and preferences. Smaller means a lower price. And it gathers and keeps family and friends close. Regardless of the reason you want a smaller wedding, our Small Wedding Venues in Las Vegas have the experience to make an unforgettable dream become an actual wedding.

There are two critical criteria in determining whether to use a small wedding venue in Las Vegas. First is to determine who you want to attend it. Many couples find it difficult to exclude people from their wedding, and everyone’s definition of a little wedding is different. Some say under 20 while others consider 50 the break point. Whichever count you prefer, the first step is to decide on the number of people to invite. Here are some tips to keep your wedding invitation list to a minimum. Define which people are immediate family. Which are close personal friends. Which friends and family are distant in association to each of you. Decide how many tiers deep you are considering in your circles of attendees. Decide how much, if any, financial help to attend you are willing to extend to people and to whom. Most importantly, remember, helping people exposes you to cuts from both sides of the sword: the ones who are offended that you offered and the ones who are offended because you did not offer. Of course you cannot please everyone all the time, so unless your family is quite small and your friends few, expect some nicks in bruises later on.

Once your guest list is finalized it’s time to search for a wedding venue.  Small weddings in Las Vegas often find the perfect home at one of two Royal Wedding Chapel venues: The Crystal Chapel or The Secret Garden Chapel.  You get either a breathtakingly modern crystalized indoor room or a cozy, natural outdoor atmosphere surrounding the Tree of Love. 

Large Las Vegas Wedding Venue

When you have extensive family and friends spread all across the US. and world, coming to Las Vegas for your wedding makes perfect sense. McCarran International Airport grants easy access from virtually anywhere. Flights are typically reasonably priced compared to other vacation destination cities.

Couples oftentimes find it very difficult to cut anyone off from attending their wedding. They have huge hearts. Consequently their wedding parties and receptions get quite large. When that happens you want to choose The Royal Show Room at Royal Wedding Chapel. This large venue seats 150 people and up to 300 standing. It’s the perfect balance of welcoming elegance and accommodating size. It features a stand alone DJ booth off to the side, and an elevated full width stage in the front. Complete with light bars and equipment trusses. The blacked out ceilings accent the hanging chandeliers. Draped curtains are cinched back along the walls. Truly and elegant room for dancing and partying!

Videographer Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ top wedding videographers and photographers capture your special moments in both video and photographs. They tell your story in the language of a thousand words and freeze it in time, forever. While your favorite aunt will point and shoot, the experienced eye of your Royal Wedding Chapel videographer will stitch video segments together and knit them into a colorful tapestry. A feature film of your journey together. 

Video is a wonderful medium. Think of it like this. Tear a black and white picture out of one of grandma’s old magazine’s. It happens to be a picture of you. Now give it color. Animate it and make it move. Add sound. Give it special lighting and some effects. Might even overlay some text or graphics. Nice! There you have video.

For those who could not be present to attend or even to view streaming, your thoughtful video will capture and share life’s best moments. Your love showcased. Your story told. 

You won’t be able to be everywhere on your special day. You‘ll miss little Johnny stealing a finger of icing, grandma dabbing away a happy tear, and sister leaning in to whisper. You photographer’s shutter click will crystallize these to see later.  

Professional photographers and videographers will pose you for uplifting shots, guide you into spontaneously candid fun, and memorialize this one very special day forever. 

The best of the best in this profession meet with you or have extensive contact so they can develop a clear understanding of the key moments you particularly want  captured. They appreciate that in the past you may have been exposed to a technique, background setting, or action you’d like duplicated for your wedding.

When you receive your professionally done wedding photos you’ll appreciate the framing and composition of the shots. The investment of interminable time it took for them to pose and shoot when that day you wanted to get on to the next thing. 

Video and photographs memorialize your special day,. Recapture and re-live fleeting moments that seemed so unreal when they were actually happening. Now they are warmly unforgettable.

Royal Poolside Wedding Venue

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