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Starting at $295


Starting at $120

Limo Photo Tour Package

Tour of Las Vegas area sites complete with Limo and Professional Photographer
Starting at $490

Certified Studio

Promising an abundance of beautiful pictures for you to look back on your special day.

Wedding Ceremony

Experience the absolute best wedding venues.

Top Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

Every bride wants, absolutely, the best photographs possible! From the moment she first arrives with the bridesmaids enters the bridal rooms until she is ushered away in a dream chariot. Don’t miss even one opportunity. Use one of the selected professionals from the Royal Wedding Chapel.

Royal Wedding Chapel photographers are renowned for capturing spontaneous, candid, and private moments that stitch together to make the lasting fabric of your day last forever in a pictorial album.  They have unique poses to capture the bridal bouquet and brides’ maids, as well as the groomsmen. Ring shots are crystal clear.

Brides like and expect certain traditional poses yet they want other unique and eye-catching surprises.  Our highly experienced photographers anticipate those moments. You will be surprised and amazed at the things you’ll see frozen in time and other adventures you never knew were going on at the time.  Years later when you view them, your pictures of wedding activities and guests will jump right off the pages like they just happened yesterday!

Brides rightfully expect perfection on their wedding days. They have worked lifetimes to find their special people. And now that they have found them, once in lifetime weddings are about to be held in front of every person they hold dear.

Trust the Royal Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas to handle your photography and videography needs.  These are often included in our most affordable packages. You’ll find our photographic and videographic services are unparalleled in professionalism, artistic craft, processing, and timely delivery. Nothing says “forever” like professionally done photographs and videos.

We love special requests and original concepts, so bring us your ideas early and often. We are equally adept at working impromptu or off a carefully crafted shot list. Special equipment, props, staging, and back drops can be arranged. After all, this is Vegas, and we can re-create anything from wide open deserted desert spaces to downtown metropolitan scenes. We specialize in affordably commemorating your special wedding day!

Here are some things to consider for your marriage in Las Vegas. And if you don’t see something you want, just ask.

  • Personal Wedding Planner
  • Marriage License
  • Themed Wedding
  • Wedding Photography & Videography
  • Gowns & Tuxedos
  • Multilingual Ceremonies
  • Impersonators
  • Hair Styling & Makeup
  • Fresh Cut or Silk Flowers
  • White Dove Release
  • Unity Ceremony
  • Cake & Catering
  • Champagne & Bar Service
  • Music & Live Music or even a DJ
  • Guest room rates and bookings

Bridal Dressing Room

Royal wedding Chapel has a huge bridal dressing room that accommodates the bride and all the bridesmaids. Relax and chat with a cold beverage from the wine cooler. Be ready for gorgeous pictures in the bridal suite to show off after the party is over! We will insure that your “get ready moments” feel beautiful and comfortable! You’ll be ready to say “I do!” It is one more way we make your day special and another prime example of what really sets Royal Wedding Chapel apart from the other wedding venues in Las Vegas.

Live Stream Your Las Vegas Wedding

Our chapels are equipped with options for live streaming your wedding with high definition video and sound. We make it easy to stream your wedding live to friends and family that couldn’t travel to Las Vegas. They get to to be with you even if they can’t be in the room. They simply follow a link and tune in at the time of your wedding to watch the whole ceremony live.

Wedding Photoshoot

Photography Work Examples

It’s no secret that a wedding is the most expensive party most people will ever throw. We reduce the costs of these expenses by including them in our packages. From Flowers to Videography we plan and deliver hundreds of successful special occasions each year. Our photographers deliver memories that last a lifetime.

Available Booking Dates

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    Videographer Las Vegas

    Video tells the genuine story of your wedding and preserves it like no other media forever. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos are priceless! Live sound and action captures fleeting moments.

    Brides and grooms are astounded when they view their wedding videos for the very first time. They are enthralled by all the things going on around them that day that they never knew about… until now!  Candid shots of bantering Aunts, children sneaking second helpings, grandpas with fingers full of cake icing, and capturing those truly special moments.

    Videographers at the Royal Wedding Chapel are always in the right places at the right time. You will absolutely love their finished product. The post editing is superb and their storytelling is unparalleled. You will want to share your video with everyone in the family!

    Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot. We are eager to hear about your plans and what you want to have happen. Then we’ll get everything ready from cameras to lighting to microphones to extra equipment and to videographers.

    You are the star, and we make sure you look and sound as best as possible!

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