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We use full-service video streaming platforms and the best apps, so nothing gets left to chance, and you stay clear of do-it-yourself pitfalls. We have some of the best videographers, tripods, cameras, and audio equipment available to the industry. Check out the Las Vegas live stream wedding below to see more.

Watch Latest Live Weddings

One of the most significant rites of passage are weddings. Much like births and graduating high school they’re significant signposts forward to another terrific stage of life, full of hopes and dreams for the future.

Weddings are special times when our hearts need to pull our family, friends, and cherished colleagues closer. A time to share the good fortune of our happiness with all those who matter most to us in the world.

But hardships such as travel cost, time away from work, and frail health can bar people we want the most from being present. Royal wedding Chapel knows that and that’s why they’ve been on the vanguard, the cutting edge, of live streaming Vegas weddings. When special and cherished people in your life are unable to attend, rest assured, they will get to see everything that’s going on, live streamed in real time. The Royal Wedding Chapel makes it possible for them to tune in and celebrate too! We have streamed hundreds and thousands of Las Vegas weddings and look forward to taking care of yours as well.

Whether you prefer a virtual wedding or a hybrid, we specialize in capturing the visuals with just the right lighting and color balance. And beyond that, we know how important sound is. People hear your vows, and that wonderful moment when the officiant begins, “And now by the power vested in me….” The wonderful words that follow must be clearly captured and heard by all!

People across town or around the world will be able to view your wedding on either desktop or mobile devices. And we’ll gladly archive the footage for you! We have a wonderful cast of highly skilled videographers who are adept at post editing, and they can add visual effects and music.

Rely on Royal Wedding Chapel Las Vegas to help you select the perfect venue from our four stellar options.  We’ll handle details from flowers to catering, videographers/photographers to live streaming, and capture the moments of your special day so they’ll last a lifetime.

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