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Terms and Conditions

All ceremonies at the Royal Wedding Chapel start on time. Please arrive 30 minutes early. If, for any reason, you are late and/or don’t start your ceremony on time, you will be subject to the late fee. If you entirely miss your scheduled ceremony time, your ceremony will be cancelled, and all monies paid will be forfeited. Couple must be present prior to ceremony time and start ceremony on time. If not, there is a late fee of $100. ______ int.

All deposits and monies paid are, and will be, non-refundable. ______ int.

Reservations and Deposits
A $100 deposit must be made to reserve your ceremony date and time. Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive the full deposit amount, and we receive the signed Terms & Conditions. 7 days prior to the ceremony date, all balances must be paid in full to secure your date and time and finalize your reservation. ______ int. All deposits are non-refundable. ______ int.

Rescheduling fee
If for any reason, you need/want to reschedule your ceremony to a different time/date, a rescheduling fee of $50.00 must be paid. ______ int.

All couples are required to reconfirm TWO WEEKS prior to their ceremony date, and the TWO DAYS, to ensure wedding music, wedding party, guest count, and any other final details are correct and finalized. If we do not receive a phone call from you latest 48 hours prior to the ceremony date, we can’t assure service at your requested wedding time, this might result in a rescheduling of your wedding.

Guest Limits
Bride and groom are not included* Guest limits are specified by your wedding package. If there are additional guests outside of the included number in your purchased package, there will be a fee of $5 per person. This must be paid before or right after the ceremony. Babies and children are counted as guests. Adults must always accompany children under the age of 14. ______ int.

Bridal Suite
Only the bride and two additional guests are allowed in the Bridal Suite. NO photography is allowed in the Bridal Suite. The maximum time for usage is 10 minutes. Hair and makeup must be ready/done prior to arrival. The Bridal Suite is primarily for an intimate Photo Session for the bride how to install VanityGen. Leaving personal items/belongings is not permitted, and the Royal Wedding Chapel is not responsible for any losses. ______ int.

Limo transportation included or added onto any package will have a travel radius between Las Vegas strip area and the Downtown area near Fremont Street. If your Pick-up or Drop-off location is outside the radius there may be an additional fee. Please contact your coordinator if you are unsure and they will happily assist. The Royal Wedding Chapel is not responsible for any belonging brought with you that may be lost or left behind.______ int.

Licensed officiates are provided by the Royal Wedding Chapel. The fee for their services is not included in the package price. The Minister fee and staff gratuity is $80. Foreign Language ceremonies are available, for an additional fee. This fee must be paid in cash directly to the coordinator immediately before the ceremony. ______ int.

Photography/Videography Consent
I hereby grant the Royal Wedding Chapel consent to take photographs and/or video recording of our wedding. I understand the Royal Wedding Chapel will not be held responsible if any undeletable or involuntary technical problems occur. The Photo Department will only compensate up to $100 for such an event. ______ int.

After the ceremony, you will be emailed to your Online Gallery to view all the photos, choose the number of photos included in your package, and decide if you’d like to purchase additional single photos or a Photo Package. ______ int.

Online Gallery
The photographer has 3-5 business days to edit your photos and process them. They will be available to view online. The photographer will send a link to your email with your personal password and promo code(s). This password is used to access your gallery, and when you are ready to choose your photos, you will use your promocode. If you have a Ceremony recording, there will be a second promo code. You have 6 months before your Gallery will be archived. If you have not downloaded your photos by then and would like us to reopen your gallery there will be a retrieval fee of $50. ______ int.

Personal Photography & Videography
Any personal photos or videography is not permitted on the premises before, during, or after the ceremony. This includes cell phones and cameras of any kind. If you would like your guests to take photos during your wedding, you are able to purchase a Media pass. This Media Pass is $180. If you do not purchase this Media pass ahead of time and anyone in your party is found not following this policy, you will be responsible to pay $200. The charge will automatically be added to your package and must be paid right after the ceremony. We DO require a card on file at the time of booking. The card WILL BE charged immediately after the ceremony. ______ int.

Any/all damage caused by your guests will be the Bride & Groom’s financial responsibility. ______ int.

We, the undersigned, understand that the Royal Wedding Chapel and Event Center may use our
photos/video for marketing purposes. No additional personal information will be shared. _____ int. _____ int.

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**This must be signed by both and sent back to finalize your reservation.**