Secret Garden

Secret Garden

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Royal Secret Garden Wedding Venue

Royal Secret Garden Wedding Venue

Stunning Rooftop location in a private and romantic hidden secret garden wedding venue, under the canopy of our beloved Tree of Love.

This wedding venue accommodates up to 10 guests.

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Tree of Love Las Vegas

Under the canopy of the Tree of Love

Private and romantic hidden secret garden wedding venue

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Secret Garden Wedding Venue Las Vegas

Not everyone coming to Las Vegas wants a wedding that mirrors the glitz and glamour of The World-Famous Strip. Instead, they crave a get away from the pressing mobs and steaming concrete to a more soothing place of natural beauty. A place like the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden Wedding Venue is a wonderful natural wedding oasis hidden away from the soaring neon casinos and hotels. Though you’re only a hundred yards from them you’ll never see the neon hustle and bustle because you’re standing under the open sky and embracing the scenic joy of a green garden. This stunning, private, and romantic venue is hidden away on a secluded rooftop where you’ll stand under soft sunlight during the day or the moon and stars at night.

You’ll stroll the short pathway across comforting grass and settle under a gorgeous white pergola, nestled among high and lush, green hedges.

Although the Secret Garden is the smallest of our 4 desirable venues, it creates unparalleled intimacy for impromptu vows or for those wanting warmth and closeness.

Embrace the romance and feel the pulse of Mother Earth at Royal Wedding Chapels Secret Garden!

This hidden gem accommodates the wedding couple and up to 10 guests.

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A Rooftop Wedding Under The Canopy Of The Tree Of Love
A Rooftop Wedding Under The Canopy Of The Tree Of Love - Icon

A Rooftop Wedding Under The Canopy Of The Tree Of Love

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