12 Ways to Create an Intimate Wedding Experience in 2023

12 Ways to Create an Intimate Wedding Experience in 2023

12 Ways to Create an Intimate Wedding Experience in 2023 - Image
September 7, 2023

Every girl dreams about starring in her own intimate wedding. And as the years tick by we think more and more about how to make that day, that moment, so intimate and special that everyone there will carry away something to remember or maybe even something to do themselves.

Here are 12 tried and true tips for you to consider from the internationally experienced wedding professionals at the Royal Wedding Chapel.

1) Craft a Guest List Focused on Meaningful Connections

Put together a guest list that focuses only on the most meaningful people in your lives. Close relatives, mentors, and deepest friendships should be the ones added while mere acquaintances, colleagues from work, and shirt-tail relatives should be omitted. Use a litmus test when deciding between friends and acquaintances. Friends are those few dear people in life who when placed in harm’s way and danger, you would literally and sincerely change places with them. Most people have only 5 or so of these people over the course of their entire lifetimes. You can literally count them on one hand.

2) Choose the Perfect,Most Intimate Venue

Select a cozy venue that speaks to the cores of your two souls as you become one in matrimony. A place that can be adapted to show the significance of your common bonds and the endless love you share. Avoid the common and look for the exquisite and the meaningful.


3) Personal DetailsTell Your Story

Adding personal touches in every detail of your ceremony and reception infuses intimacy into your story. Think about décor, centerpieces, displays, and props and pepper them with items from your childhoods, dating, courtship, vacations and trips, and engagement. Tell the story with keepsakes, photographs, artwork, and displays. Personalized memorabiliaspeaks volumes. 



4) Create Memorable and Engaging Activities

Intimate weddings bond everyone together, both those in the wedding party and the guests in attendance. And interaction is the secret ingredient to bonding. People that play, pray, or eat together bond together. Showcasing interactive games during your reception is a wonderful way to forge lasting relationships. Here’s a wonderful twist on the familiar bean bag hole toss. Feature a picture the bride in full card in the chapel. From lawn games to children play areas, this is an opportunity to create unforgettable engagements.


5) Culinary Excellence Is the Universal Language

Make food a major attraction for guests, whether you feature a buffet or individualized prep stations manned by chefs. Tour the world with international cuisines or feature a specialty course like desserts.

6) Arrange Seating to Enhance Interaction

Place divergent types of people next to each other. Intermix family members with other colleagues, friends, or acquaintances. Print out cards and place “starter questions” on them near each guest’s name placard. For example: “Ask your neighbor, what is your favorite vacation spot?” Or “Do you have pets?” Or ‘What is the name of your favorite restaurant/movie/singer?”

7) Change Up the Entertainment for a More Intimate Celebration

While DJs are popular, you might consider a single talent with her own riser, sound, lighting, and cover music. Sometimes a totally unexpected direction creates intimacy. For example, a specialty coffee serving and seating area, tequila sampling section, or a children’s toy and play area that isolates their noise and activity.

8) Prioritize Quality Time with Moments that Matter

Highlight what is most important to you. When the bride’s first dance or cake cutting matters most, pause the action and bring it to the forefront of everyone’s attention. Be sure to engage guests. And use risers and spotlighting to focus attention.



9) Minimalism Can Be Elegant

Say more with less. A few well-placed items speak more elegantly than a sea of bric-a-brac. A velveteenloveseat placed just so, to seat the bride and groom, is elegant. A fabric backdrop behind the cake table says warmth. An arch of leafed branches can say more than a flowered altar. 

10) Embrace Nature

Let nature be your canvas and fully utilize all it has to offer, natural greenery, rock formations, and water features. Shade and dancing sunlight can be your palette. When necessary, consider using extra lush greenery in potted and attractive ceramics or natural wood.

11) Music Matters

We often sing what we are most passionate about. So let music paint your pictures. Hand pick everything from the music your guests hear while waiting to the bridal procession, the ceremony, the reception, and right on intothe evening’s dancing.


12) Capturing Emotions with Photography

You will, of course, want the traditional bridal party poses. They are mandatory but consider special candid “action” photos. Everyone will find them to be the most memorable highlights. Here’s a few fun ideas: snap a picture of the bride in her full gown and veil while stooping to tie up a child’s shoelace. Catch the groom interacting with a food server or bartender.

Make the Royal Wedding Chapel Your Best Choice for an Intimate Weddings in Las Vegas

The Royal Wedding Chapel is the first choice for intimate weddingsin Las Vegas. It offers 4 elegant yet different venues. Whether you prefer indoor richness or outdoorsy naturalism, they have it. Specialty seating, décor, foods, staging, lighting, and ambience are their hallmarks. Their attentive staff has been carefully selected from the very best professionals from across the globe and over many years. While well-experienced, their passion and drive toward perfection never wanes. They will make your dream day perfect.


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