Matron of Honor Archives - Royal Wedding Chapel

Matron of Honor Archives - Royal Wedding Chapel

Why Do Men Stay with Women? - Image
July 9, 2024

Why Do Men Stay with Women?

For millenniums, men and women have remained attracted to each other. From primitive lives in caves to the modern age of computers and virtual lives, the sparks continue to fly, but have you ever really read the reasons why? Dream Guys Are Real So, you’ve fallen for your dream guy. He makes you laugh, supports […] Read More
Matron of Honor - Image
July 5, 2024

Matron of Honor

Your Rock and Right Hand Is Your Essential Matron of Honor Soon your wedding bells will be chiming! The dress will fit perfectly, and your dreams will be real. But now is the time to assemble your “Dream Team” – your bridesmaids! Within this group of leading ladies one special womanstands out: your matron of […] Read More
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