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The Top 5 Small Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the “Wedding Capital of the World.” It is the ultimate wedding destination because it is easy for everyone to get to, it has no red tape that holds things up — like blood tests and waiting periods, and the marriage license bureau is open every single day of the year! Talk about convenience! There are literally thousands of places to get married! Every casino, whether a megaresort on The Strip or a neighborhood locals’ destination, has a wedding chapel and a planner. There are more churches per capita in Vegas than in any other U.S. city. Weddings are held all over town in event centers, restaurants, outdoor gardens, movie theaters, amusement centers, country clubs, and major attractions. People get married on the High Roller, in casino penthouses, and in the backyards of mansions.

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Just the Two of Us – The Perfect Venue for Small Weddings

There’s just the two of us, but we want a nice wedding.

When it’s “just the two of us,” we know that your love affair has been close, personal, and intimate. No doubt, you want your wedding ceremony to reflect that same vibe! No big splashy gala affair. Just a few very close personal friends and family.  Somewhere cozy, warm, and intimate. But no skimping on class, quality, and elegance, yet no over-the-top, Hollywood production either! 

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How to Live Stream Your Las Vegas Wedding

For people who cannot attend weddings in person, streaming live ceremonies is a godsend! Live streaming weddings from Las Vegas is not only trendy, it is also a terrific service for people who cannot make it there. Some folks suffer physical impairments and are unable to travel to be with you. Others have rigid and unavoidable work commitments or schedules. 

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