<strong>Ways to make children feel welcome at ceremonies, weddings, and receptions</strong>

Ways to make children feel welcome at ceremonies, weddings, and receptions

Ways to make children feel welcome at ceremonies, weddings, and receptions - Image">
February 7, 2023

“Inclusive weddings” are rightfully all the rage today. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and involved at weddings. But it’s a funny thing because there’s one group that seems to get overlooked or underserved and that is children. It’s often difficult to come up with great ideas about how to get children involved with the festivities or better entertained during them.

Here are some helpful hints and ideas fromyour friends at Royal Wedding Chapel

about great ways to involve children in wedding ceremonies and how to better entertain them during receptions.

Unlike adult attendees, children are not into fashion, flowers, cuisine, and the horrible music adults like to play at wedding events!And the things adults talk about at these things are unrelatable.

“Why, I haven’t seen Aunt Margaret since Cousin Bernie left.” (The young kids never met anyone with either name.)

“Did she get her cake at the same place?” (What cake? There’s cake?)

“Oh, the bridesmaid dresses were beyond chic.” (What’s a chic those old ladies are talking about?)

Ceremonies and receptions can last for hours and for kids they are boring eternities.

Creating islands of involvement and special features during ceremonies and at receptions can do wonders for the youngest guests.

Traditional children’s roles

During wedding ceremonies there are the tried and true traditional roles for children. They serve as ring bearers, petal pushers, and bridal gown tenders. But there are a lot of other creative and wonderful ways to involve children!

Children as official wedding greeters

Nothing softens wedding guests like being greeted by children. It might be a good idea to have them hand out wedding mementoes, a flower, mints, bottled water, or hand fans or sanitizer. You might consider having the older male children function as seat chaperons. This does require the children to have a certain level of confidence or else the involvement of helpful parents.

Children’s performances

Involve all of the children as a group by having them perform as a children’s choir or by putting on a skit or dance routine. This can also be a good project to occupy artistic or even busybody relatives. In certain instances, instead of well-meaning folk meddling in your main plans, they can be of better service planning, rehearsing, costuming, or directing a performance show piece.

Children as “pet parents”

Families often want their dogs in attendance at wedding ceremonies, especially more mature couples or those having 2nd or 3rd marriages. Others want their pets at vow renewals or commitment ceremonies. Attentive children are often the best pet partners.

Have children act as “pet parents.”Invite people’s pets to come to the ceremony and have attending children chaperon them. Some pets on leashes, others in pet play areas with toys, water, and treats. Expect a certain level of chaos, but most everyone will enjoy the interaction. I know, I know. Seasoned Hollywood stars never want to follow talented children or pet acts. But if the wedding couple is super into their pets and don’t mind a little upstaging, it’s a very unique and fun time! Some couples might even consider adding in a pet adoption station, funding a pet charity, or showcasing a sponsoring an organization. You can weave these concepts into table centerpieces, displays, or even swag bags.

Children’s swag bags

Speaking of swag bags, create swag bags specifically for children. Include static things like coloring books or pen and paperpuzzles. but remember some children are more active than others so things like yoyos or fidget toys can be a really nice inclusion. and give these children swag bags out right away at the start of the wedding receptionrather than at the end with the adult swag bags.

Child specific reception area

Set up a child specific reception area for younger attendees. Have special seating and youth-oriented décor. Include party favors like those found at children’s birthday parties. Feature kid food like pizza, chicken tenders, soda, and ice cream or yogurt.

Child specific play or entertainment area

This requires extra space and perhaps some sound proofing, but it can be a real hit.

Have costumes, props, and stage areas where kids can shoot their own TikTok videos. Who knows your wedding might be the next big viral hit! Or you might set up TVs with the hottest video games. Interactive areas can be created with indoor basketball hoops, old school pinball machines and video games, or bounce houses. A karaoke system works nicely for more outgoing families and friends who like to perform. The goal is to have things going on that have youth appeal.

Do you have some great ideas to occupy kids during wedding ceremonies and receptions? We’d love to hear from you and add what you are saying to the list! Please send them to us at [email protected] and keep an eye out for more great stuff to show up! Go to https://royalweddingchapel.com/ for compete information about wedding plans and tying children into your special occasion. Contact any of us at the Royal Wedding Chapel about all we have to offer. Phone 702.803-2219.


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