Valentine’s Day Q&A

Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by Americans to celebrate love, right? Like Thanksgiving?

Nope. Valentine’s Day is actually an ancient holiday dating clean back to the Romans and possibly before.

Valentine’s Day is always celebrated in America on February 14th. Because of the permanently fixed date, the day of the week changes from year to year. 

Valentine’s Day is a particularly huge holiday in Las Vegas because people flood in from around the country and even the world to get married then. Wedding chapels in the area do a booming business! I mean who wouldn’t want to get married on Valentine’s Day? It’s easy to remember, it’s a terrific love celebration, and you’ll never forget the date to celebrate…and for the guys who do, what a wonderful built-in camouflage! Makes us gals think twice, but just the same, romance is always in the air and we like it more than they do anyway. Valentine’s Day is a big day for weddings, it is also a good one for proposals.

Traditional gifts on Valentine’s Day are cards, candy, lingerie, dinner, and flowers. The more fortunate receive jewelry, cars, and exotic vacations.

It’s interesting to note that women are almost twice as likely as men to have been underwhelmed by the efforts of their significant others on Valentine’s Day. I am just saying.

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Just the Two of Us – The Perfect Venue for Small Weddings

There’s just the two of us, but we want a nice wedding.

When it’s “just the two of us,” we know that your love affair has been close, personal, and intimate. No doubt, you want your wedding ceremony to reflect that same vibe! No big splashy gala affair. Just a few very close personal friends and family.  Somewhere cozy, warm, and intimate. But no skimping on class, quality, and elegance, yet no over-the-top, Hollywood production either! 

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All Inclusive Las Vegas Wedding Packages for under $1,000

You’re coming to Las Vegas and there’s no time like the present to get married at the same time You’ve been talking about it for years, it seems. You’ve thought about all your options. You could do like the one girlfriend who had a massive and gorgeous church wedding in her hometown with eight attendants and a horse drawn carriage, but that’s just not you. You could do the understated justice of the peace ceremony at the courthouse, but that’s jsut not you! An affordable and fun Las Vegas wedding chapel is right at your fingertips and the perfect solution! 

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