Vows in 4 Minutes or less??

Vows in 4 Minutes or less??

Vows in 4 Minutes or less?? - Image
March 25, 2024

No Surprises! Here Are Some Stories You Need to Keep In Mind While Shopping Chapels…  

Your Vegas wedding chapel usually provides the WHOLE WEDDING EXPERIENCE – from the photographer to the flowers. Choosing the wrong Vegas chapel choice can turn your day from dreamy to dreary. Picking the right chapel is key! 

Because the chapel choice is so important to the success of your wedding our number one tip: When you’re hunting for a venue for your Vegas wedding, ask all the questions you can think of. Don’t assume certain things are included and get stung by hidden costs. Look out for unexpected rules that could block what you want. 


Being in the Vegas Wedding Industry, we hear stories…

Please watch out for these very real experiences: 


1. That’s a #DISLIKE.

Some chapels do not allow social media broadcasts. 📲When you have people in other cities excited to see your wedding, they may be very disappointed. 


2. Standing in Line to Get Married?

Will you be waiting outside the chapel? In the 100+ degree heat? With your makeup running and the groom’s shirt growing wetter? Some chapels park you under a shade tree while another wedding is takes place. Our brides sip champagne with their bridal party in our air conditioned bridal dressing room. Again, ask any chapel you talk to about what happens prior to the wedding. Choose wisely 😀


3. Pictures Lie

You may be shocked to find that spacious, gorgeous chapel you chose based on the website photos turned out to be the size of a box car in real life. (We aren’t going to name names.) We love small weddings just as much as big weddings. But we don’t want your guests standing in the hall, or worse, standing outside the chapel anymore than you do. Know that pictures authentically depict our 4 chapels. Nothing is faked. There are real crystals in the Crystal Chapel 💠 and a nearly 100 year old living tree 🌳 in the Tree of Love Chapel.  



Want little ones cheering you on or acting as ring bearers and flower girls? Better check that the chapel you’re considering allows children. Some don’t! If you find out too late, babysitting or leaving them at the hotel is not an option. 


5. Avoid Vegas Vow Pressure

Speaking of vows, does your dream wedding involve getting your entire ceremony done in 4 minutes or less? It’s not an egg. It is your wedding ceremony! Beware, several Las Vegas chapels have rigid time limits and they do not tell you till the day of. We believe the ceremony of your life should give you ample time to enjoy your once in a lifetime ceremony. One of the most important questions to ask is “How long will the ceremony be?” or “Do you rush ceremonies and vows when things are busy?” 


6. Elvis left the building… with you disappointed. 

If you’re going for a themed wedding, remember not all Elvis impersonators or other types of performers are created equal. 🎤Some chapels dress up the janitor, skip songs, etc. Quality matters! We pride ourselves on working with the best performers available.


7. It’s all about the pictures 📸.

Professional photographers make all the difference. 20 years from now will you proudly display those pictures or be using those photos as drawer liners? Not all professional photographers are wedding pros. Check out each chapel’s social media. Look at the faces, lighting, and angles.

Our photo team are long time wedding pros! They shoot hundreds of weddings a year capturing the perfect moments. They don’t rush. They don’t miss. 


8. You deserve to be TREATED LIKE ROYALTY on your wedding day.

Choose a chapel that knows it’s your show, making the day as unique and special as your love.  Making your wedding day perfect is a calling. Being your chosen wedding team is an honor that we take very seriously. Your wedding experience is just as important to us as it is to you! 


Please, Take a Moment to Check Our Reviews & Social Media.

We would love to be your wedding team of choice, making your dream day a reality. 

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