February 2023 - Royal Wedding Chapel

February 2023 - Royal Wedding Chapel

Ways to make children feel welcome at ceremonies, weddings, and receptions - Image">
February 7, 2023

Ways to make children feel welcome at ceremonies, weddings, and receptions

“Inclusive weddings” are rightfully all the rage today. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and involved at weddings. But it’s a funny thing because there’s one group that seems to get overlooked or underserved and that is children. It’s often difficult to come up with great ideas about how to get children involved with the festivities […] Read More
DIY Wedding Invitations - Image
February 6, 2023

DIY Wedding Invitations

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are more popular than ever! That’s because stock invitations and stuff pulled off shelves can never compete with your personal creativity or some of today’s online resources. When most of us think about do-it-yourself invitations we expect to do everything personally and with our own hands. And we’ll cover that more in-depth […] Read More
Valentine’s Day Q&A - Image
February 6, 2023

Valentine’s Day Q&A

Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by Americans to celebrate love, right? Like Thanksgiving? Nope. Valentine’s Day is actually an ancient holiday dating clean back to the Romans and possibly before. Valentine’s Day is always celebrated in America on February 14th. Because of the permanently fixed date, the day of the week changes from year […] Read More
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