DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations - Image
February 6, 2023

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are more popular than ever! That’s because stock invitations and stuff pulled off shelves can never compete with your personal creativity or some of today’s online resources.

When most of us think about do-it-yourself invitations we expect to do everything personally and with our own hands. And we’ll cover that more in-depth in just a minute, but for those who have waited until the last possible minute and are in a panic, you might consider some online companies like the ones below.

With some of them, you can go online and design and pay for invitations right there and have them shipped to you. Others, like Etsy, have more artful fare to offer. There are various capabilities, services, costs, and shipping factors to consider in regard to each one and when considering doing business with them, do so at your own risk. We are making no recommendations.

  • Minted
  • Evite
  • Greenvelope
  • Etsy
  • Paperless Post
  • Punchbowl

Now, for true diehard do-it-yourselfers, let’s talk in-depth about making your very own wedding invitations

Before Crafting Your Invitations

Before starting, be sure to consider

  • how many invitations do you have to make
  • what you have for initial creative thoughts
  • are the materials relatively easy to get and use
  • how big a budget do you have available
  • what it would cost to make them
  • what it would cost to deliver them
  • whether you can involve others in helping you
  • how long it will take to make them

Once you have thought through the hurdles of cost, time, and talent, you will probably embark down one of two pathways: either designing your own traditional type of paper and envelope invitation or making an artsy/crafty one.

Here are a few thoughts you might want to consider when making your own paper/envelope invitations:

  • Use your own personalized stamp, label, paper embosser, or wax sealer
  • Use paper stock that is irregular in thickness, color, texture, and sizes
  • Sculpt the edges of the paper
  • Use custom graphic designs or those developed by handicapped or charitable
    • organizations, youth, or animal rescue groups, and note your support of
    • them on the invitations
  • Use die-cut paper or fabric or vinyl-crafted features for the invitations
  • Use calligraphy
  • Dye, color wash, or creatively insignia paper or envelopes
  • Include a surprise in the envelope like glitter, flower petals, or spice or aromatics

When it comes to artsy/crafty invitations you have the whole wide world of art and human endeavor to play with! But pay special attention to the costs involved in making and delivering them. It usually costs more than a postage stamp!

For artsy/craft invitations you can make artwork that includes rustic, modern, hobby, or personalized elements.

Use do-it-yourself hobby pieces as your wedding invitations. For example, if you’re into working with clay, wood, or paints fashion the invitations using that medium.

Musicians might consider recording a well-written, sung, and produced piece. It could be delivered electronically or via a personal play device.

Unique Wedding Invite Ideas

Now if you really want to step outside the box for invitations and budget is no object, consider customizing and printing invitations on promotional items like t-shirts, aprons, calendars, and such. For example, if you have an informal wedding, print the invitations on t-shirts and send one to each prospective attendee to wear at the event. Well, heck, you could even print a “formal” t-shirt! You will have created a timestamped memento that people will use and enjoy for years to come. You can use other themes in a similar way. Print aprons for BBQ of food-centered affairs. Coffee cups and even refrigerator magnets can make unique and impressionable invitations. Imagination in this area is limited only by taste and budget!

When it comes to ideas for your wedding, know that all of us at the Royal Wedding Chapel is dedicated to every aspect of your special day and how to pack it with all the romance and memories for a lifetime. Reach out to us at 702.803-2219 and find out about all the things we can do to help.

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