Royal Wedding Chapel Near Lake Las Vegas

Royal Wedding Chapel Near Lake Las Vegas

Royal Wedding Chapel Near Lake Las Vegas - Image
March 6, 2023

Getting married in Las Vegas should be fun, easy, convenient, and affordable! It’s the first day of formally uniting you and your forever love! Whether you are looking for a wedding, vow renewal, commitment, or unity ceremony. Las Vegas is the ultimate place to do it! You will remember it forever and your guests will have the time of their lives!

Elegant yet affordable weddings

You are getting married. You are not buying a mega yacht or mansion on the coast. You want to be able to find a wedding venue that is intimate, elegant, and still respectful of your pocketbook.

The perfect location for any bride or groom is the Royal Wedding Chapel. It’s glamorous, luxurious, and fully appreciates and meets your every desire.

Ultimately convenient location

Wedding venues located inoutlying areas like Lake Las Vegas, Red Rocks, and Desert Shores are difficult for people to get to. They are hard to find, miles from the Strip, and a pain to get to. Additionally, Lake Las Vegas has prices that are artificially inflated. Much of the area is exclusive and closed to the public.

Choosing the Royal Wedding Chapel instead puts you conveniently close to the world famous Las Vegas Strip,within easy access from the Harry Reid International Airport, and able to avoid traffic congestion for those driving in on interstates. Prices are reasonable and it’s a full-service A+ wedding destination.

Multiple venues to select from

At the Royal Wedding Chapel you have four beautiful venues from which to choose. Two are outdoor venues and two are indoor.  There’s the Crystal Chapel and the Royal Showroom for indoor ceremonies and the Tree of Love of love and The Secret Garden for naturalistic outdoor experiences.

Careful attention is paid to ensure each is immaculately clean, glamourous, and able to accommodate your full wedding party and guests in just the right style.

People make the difference

The Royal Wedding Chapel’swedding consultants, planners, and coordinators have years of experienceperforming ceremonies for both domestic and international clients. When it comes to helping you plan andto calming anxiety, worry, and fret experience alone is not enough. That is the difference you will find here. The staff listens careful and offers up affordable solutions. That’s because they pay attention to what you say and pick assets and services from their endless list ofprofessional contacts, quality vendors, service providers, and performers.

“Challenge” is their middle name

When you have difficult challenges inputting your wedding together,nothing can be as helpful as appreciative professionalswho have dealt with religious differences between brides and grooms, meddling parents and in-laws,and well-meaning friendswho think that their practical jokes should be the centerpieces of the whole event. Every problem weighing on your shoulders can be resolved. Whether it’s coordinating multiple pickups from the airport, transporting fragile mementos you want present for your special day, planning menus and preparing food, lining up just the right entertainment, locating a solid officiant, specializing in unique ceremonial decorations or elements, and even securing blocks of rooms where guests can conveniently stay over, no wedding venue outperforms the Royal Wedding Chapel.

There is everything you would expect

Of course, all the traditional standards you expect from an A+ wedding venue are present there:

  • Limo
  • Exquisite rooms
  • Color wash lighting
  • Draped tables
  • Covered chairs
  • Risers and stages
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Decorations
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Flowers
  • Gowns
  • Tuxedos
  • Bridal party “thank you” gifts
  • Bridal dressing area with hair and makeup station
  • Private bridal and groom restrooms
  • Cake
  • Refreshments
  • Full menu, hand-selected meals
  • Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages
  • Champagne toasts
  • Prerecorded music
  • Live entertainment
  • Live streaming
  • Photography
  • Videography

If you want it and don’t see it, they will get it!Because Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world there are a lot of thingsalready here in town that are rarely found elsewhere. And people who know people can get the strangest things to you quickly. There have been requests for everything from decorative carousel horses to live animals. Now, if it’s super unusual, give as much lead time as possible. Some miracles take just a little longer to produce!

Accommodating all types and sizes of ceremonies

Whether you want a short, simple, and quick standing ceremony or have a multiple-event, full-on formal soiree in mind, rest assured it happens the way you dream it at the Royal Wedding Chapel! As well as hosting weddings, vow renewals, unity ceremonies, and commitment ceremonies, they host bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, mini-concerts, corporate events, book and music debuts, coming out parties, debutant events, club meetings and installations, family reunions, and even quinceaneras.

Stress free fantasies do come true!

Most couples look forward to making their wedding day memorable forever. Some brides look forward to their wedding days from their preteen years.They studied fashions, scrapbooked pictures, kept attuned to emerging trends, and formed the perfect picture of what their wedding day will look like. Others live in the moment, energized by spontaneity and unpredictability. Fueled by being cosmically swept along in the current of life. Whichever fantasy you have, leave it the Royal Wedding Chapel.

Free standing wedding chapels are better

While you can choose to marry at a wedding venue in a mega resort, you would compromise intimacy and be buried as an afterthought in the crushing distraction of gambling action and seas of unknown strangers.

These wedding venues have rigid packages designed to speedily churn people in and out. There is little tolerance for making modifications and substitutions or for fulfilling requests. Your privacy and intimacy are cramped and compromised.

Free standing wedding venues offer you higher levels of personal attention, lots of variation and special consideration, full-accommodation, and easy access for everyone attending. The Royal Wedding Chapel is romantically elegant and intimate.

Reservations recommended but not demanded

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