Differences Between a Wedding Ceremony and a Commitment Ceremony?

Differences Between a Wedding Ceremony and a Commitment Ceremony?

Differences Between a Wedding Ceremony and a Commitment Ceremony? - Image
September 29, 2022

The commitment ceremony of your dreams is at Royal Wedding Chapel

 It’s a stunningly elegant room. Shiny, glistening crystal chandeliers cascade downward from the high ceiling. The elevated stage where the ceremony was just held remains bathed in soft multi-hued lighting, as the music comes up and the two of you, hands clasped, are presented for the first time. The colorful cloth covered chairs look sculpted against the pristine tables.

 The centerpieces you stressed so much over selecting turn out to be perfect. They are feathery flowering fountains that bounce everyone’s eyes from table to table. The place settings are absolutely gorgeous, and you can’t wait for guests to enjoy each carefully selected morsel about to be served. 

Crystal Wedding Chapel @ Royal Wedding Chapel

From across the room, the cake table beckons. It was so smart to place it over there. Everyone can see the frosted masterpiece, and yet it is safely tucked away from the bumps and breaths of inattentive traffic. 

Glowing little spotlights from table to table across the room. 

40 of your closest and most personal friends and family have gathered to witness your ceremony of love and commitment. It is everything you imagined and more. When the journey started, you had no idea how valuable your personal wedding planner would be. 

Who knew that transportation would be such a big deal?! Well, thankfully, she did! She was so helpful with music, dance area, color selection, food, gowns, and flowers, and you’re so glad she told you about the “knot tying” in place of a unity candle. Having your bride’s maid and groomsman involved added a nice, unique element. And setting up the virtual streaming was beyond priceless!

Was it the wedding of your dreams? No. But it sure was the commitment ceremony you wanted!

You’ve always believed there is nothing wrong with weddings, but you guys have talked it over and that’s not your thing. You don’t need governmental sanctioning or interference in your journey of love. Your hearts are committed. You’re in this for life. And you don’t want or need paper to prove it. 

So just exactly how is a wedding ceremony different from a commitment ceremony?

On the surface a wedding ceremony and a commitment ceremony appear exactly the same. You can take a look at our menu of services and options and accordingly plan either event. They can be as simple or as complex as you like. The ceremonies can be almost identical, but there are a couple significant differences. 

To guests and the community, a wedding implies that a legally binding relationship exists.

And in fact, a wedding is legally binding because a wedding license is willfully obtained and authorized by both parties. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom affix their signatures to it, as do the officiant, and witnesses. Each party may now legally join finances, participate in insurance policies, and file a joint federal or state tax return.

 Alternately, depending upon their home state laws, they become liable at some level for the other. In certain situations, they can speak on behalf of and represent one another. Determining lineage of children in most instances becomes relatively clear.

A commitment ceremony is a public affirmation to be together.

It is not legally binding. Now having said that, you want to be informed about common law marriage where you live. In some states, common law marriage refers to legal bindings that come into play after a couple has lived together, often for a prescribed number of years and sometimes under certain circumstances. 

Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Kansas, for example, have common law marriage. But the application of it varies widely from state to state. Now, Nevada does not recognize common law marriage. Marriage in Nevada is defined as a civil ceremony which requires a marriage license, mutual agreement by both parties, and a ceremony of “solemnization.” 

Whatever your preference, make our Royal Wedding Chapel your first and last stop to make your dreams come true. Check out our affordable packages

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