The Best Elvis Theme Weddings are at the Royal Chapel

 The Best Elvis Theme Weddings are at the Royal Chapel

 The Best Elvis Theme Weddings are at the Royal Chapel - Image
October 12, 2022

Las Vegas has earned its reputation as the Elvis Wedding Capital of the World. Stars, trendsetters, and influencers flock to Vegas to get married.

But most of the couples hitting the wedding chapels are salt of the earth hard-working middle-class people. And many of these people have one preference in mind for their wedding, an ELVIS WEDDING! 

Movies, media, and social postings have institutionalized and propelled Las Vegas Elvis Weddings to the top of the heap. No other wedding concept is asked for more often. And no city on the planet has more Elvis impersonators and tributes as Sin City. So, when it comes to your Las Vegas Elvis Presley Wedding, make sure you get the best.

Be choosy about your Elvis impersonator. Vegas is the epicenter of the universe for Elvis impersonators and they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. You can get young and youthful Elvis with all the expected: a realistic jumpsuit, high collared and sequined costume, energetic moves, and stage presence. There’s middle-aged and heavier Elvis, resplendent with the pink Cadillac. If you have a twisted need, search around and you can even find an unflattering Elvis. I guess Elvis is determined by what you define as “best.” Vocals, ability to command presence, and having a little “pazazz” are key ingredients to look for.

Here are a few ways to get the best Elvis wedding ever in Las Vegas

No one knows the Las Vegas Elvis Wedding scene like Petra and her world class wedding consultants here at Royal Wedding Chapel. After all, they’ve done Elvis weddings in every imaginable way, even in foreign languages! When you talk they listen, and they know the right questions to help dial in and select an impersonating talent to fulfill your expectations. When it comes to knowing which Elvi will work for you, no one knows more than these people. And they already know which talent, agents, and situations to avoid.

Get married by The King at Royal Wedding Chapel. Ask about our more than reasonable wedding packages like the Tree of Love venue makes for a perfect Elvis themed wedding. We can wrap up the most talented Elvis tribute artist and add whatever you like, such as limo, hit Elvis songs, flowers, catering, and worldwide streaming.

Reach out to booking agents

Seems like every talent has an agent. You can check with agents, but remember, they are driven to sell you who they represent. You don’t book, they don’t get paid. They will not recommend a better qualified talent they may know fits your bill.

Do an online search

Welcome to the jungle! Have you ever gone online to search for something important like a doctor, lawyer, or wedding place and get that gut wrench? It’s like driving a car without headlights at midnight in a dense fog! Scary as the devil! It’s like playing electronic Wheel of Fortune, isn’t it? Even reading the reviews is unsettling. 

Don’t fall for run of the mill wedding chapel advertising and hype.

How about all the hype you see on wedding chapel signage in Vegas?! It’s like Elvis got married everywhere except at your house! You’ll see flyers handed out by hustlers and stuffed in racks at stores and hotels. It’s nuts. And if you did happen to look online, banner ads are now following you pestering you to death.  There are reasons some operators have to shove their messages in your face and they are not good.

If this past year you heard Elvis weddings were banned in Las Vegas, don’t believe it

About 4 months ago in late June of this year, just prior to the planned release of a new movie simply titled “Elvis,” there was a widely covered story that the Elvis’ estate had sued and wedding chapels in Las Vegas could no longer do Elvis themed weddings. Initially, the news stunned both chapels and the public. Currently, many think the release was a publicity stunt for the movie. Whatever the case, Elvis weddings are alive and well and never better in Las Vegas!

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