Getting married in Vegas? Smart move!

Getting married in Vegas? Smart move!

Getting married in Vegas? Smart move! - Image
April 3, 2023

It has everything you ever wanted and dreamed about having for your elegant wedding. And as far as the guests go, they would like no other place more! Whether they like:

  • Seeing shows as creative as Broadway and more spectacular
  • Sightseeing Egyptian pyramids and the Sphynx, the canals of Venice, or the New York City skyline all within a 3-mile radius
  • Taking a short hop to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Zion, or Arches National Parks
  • Playing sports from golf to rock climbing or snow skiing
  • Listening to the roar of NASCAR while smelling the fumes from pit row  
  • Dancing to big-name mega-concerts
  • Attending professional sports events from the PGA, NFL, NHL, WNBA, Formula 1, and more
  • Experiencing stunning venues like Allegiant Stadium (known locally as the ‘Roomba,’ the High Roller Farris wheel, or the Strat Tower
  • Gambling in the biggest and best casinos in the world
  • Strolling under the Fremont Street Experience
  • Shopping as varied and rich as the streets of Beverly Hills, London, or Paris
  • Savoring splendid dining experiences

This is the place to see and be, all in one location. And you’re wedding is here!

Probably from the moment you first told people you were getting married in Vegas, the suggestions about places to hold it never ceased. As the “Wedding Capital of the World” there are probably more places to get married in Las Vegas than the sum total of other wedding chapels in the United States! Every mega-resort, every off-Strip hotel, most churches, many parks, performance venues, scenic locations, private clubs, and even the lion habitat host weddings. For example, there are more churches or places of worship per capita in Las Vegas than in any other city in the United States. And anyone who’s ever been there or been married there is eager to share their opinions.

One place that will occasionally pop up is Red Rock Community and Country Club. It’s an upscale and slightly smaller private residential area 15 miles to the northwest of Las Vegas and adjacent to Summerlin. Or about 17 miles from the closest point on the Strip as the crow flies.

There are about 1,000 homes in the masterplan community. They range in price from 1.5 to $5 million and tend to be modern in design. The community is gated and patrolled by private security. The centerpiece of the community is Red Rock Country Club. It features not 1, but 2, championship golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer. It has 2 clubhouses. The main one is 44,000 square feet and that’s where weddings are typically held. The facility is justifiably spectacular but let’s take a look at the costs.

Becoming a golf-playing member of Red Rock Country Club requires an initiation fee of $35,000. Then there is a monthly fee of $1,050. There are tiered memberships below this, but the initiation fees remain in 5-figures. The lowest entry-level tier still requires monthly dues of $225. It basically grants people access to the restaurants and there’s a minimum food requirement attached to it.

Their wedding package is roughly $6,000. Food preparation and serving run about $160 per person and it goes up from there. And of course, there are add-ons and upgrades available for everything from liquor to champagne to flowers, centerpieces, and so on.

While the Red Rock is well marketed and claims to rank on obscure lists, most visitors marrying in Vegas are dissuaded by the high costs and relative remoteness of the location.

Many find that Royal Wedding Chapel is a nice alternative. It is romantically elegant, convenient, and full-service.

Royal Wedding Chapel features 4 stunning venues. 2 indoor and 2 outdoor. The Tree of Love is one of the most unique natural settings in Las Vegas. It is nestled under a soaring pine, and there’s a horizontal bench-like twist in the tree trunk. It is intimate and warmly comforting.

When you want to style up and show some class, consider the Crystal Room. From flooring to ceiling, it is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll love the way its colors support and enhance your trousseau and the colors you selected for your wedding party.

Royal Wedding Chapel enjoys both stateside and international fame as people from Europe and Asia often prefer it over all other choices. Their stable staff of expert wedding consultants has performed bilingual weddings of all kinds and they are highly sensitive to cultural and individual preferences. In fact, the owner is an international television celebrity and a much sought-after counselor for all things wedding related.

Call the Royal Wedding Chapel at 702.780-0555 or go online to


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