How to Live Stream Your Las Vegas Wedding

How to Live Stream Your Las Vegas Wedding

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October 17, 2022

For people who cannot attend weddings in person, streaming live ceremonies is a godsend! Live streaming weddings from Las Vegas is not only trendy, it is also a terrific service for people who cannot make it there. Some folks suffer physical impairments and are unable to travel to be with you. Others have rigid and unavoidable work commitments or schedules. 

And there’s a few people right now for whom times are really hard. Though they may be loath to admit it, they cannot afford the expenses of traveling. For housebound and city-bound families and friends, streaming is as close to being there as they can get. Good for you for being considerate and choosing to stream your wedding!

 Streaming Your Live Wedding Has Never Been Easier

Compared to just a few years ago, for professional wedding venues, streaming your weddings is a piece of cake. There are many different apps available and the good folks at the Royal Wedding Chapel select only the ones most appropriate for you and yours. They take into consideration things like clarity in both video and audio, reliability of broadcasting, and consistency of signal. While all streaming involves a certain amount of buffering and lag time, rest assured they use only the best services.

Your streaming will be pre-planned. Prior to the actual ceremony you will be supplied with a link that should be forwarded to guests well in advance.  Guests tuning in on the day and time of your event will see a prompt on screen. It typically consists of the names of the wedding couple with the date and time for the ceremony. As said time draws near, a play button should become visible on screen, if not already in place. All guests must do is push “play” and tune in. Your wedding will be visible on PCs, tablets, and cell phones around the world. It will look good whether on a mobile device or a desktop. 

Should guests not see a play button or the button does not seem to work, they may have to refresh the page. It’s a good idea to have advised them about this potential days ahead when you sent out the link. Also, avoid confusion by letting people know that everything is scheduled and shown based on the Pacific Time Zone. If they are in different time zones, they should adjust accordingly. 

Now, if you prefer, here’s how to stream your Vegas wedding.

  1. Go down to the facility days before
  2. While there, floor plan where you have to set up the tripod(s) and camera or cameras.
  3. Make sure you have access to electricity and clear lines of sight
  4. For sound, which of course you want, either hard wire in mics or be sure your cameras are sound equipped
  5. Worry about background noise because you want everyone tuned in to clearly hear your vows
  6. Check and be sure that there’s Wi-Fi and router availability 
  7. Set up Live Chat, YouTube Live, Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, Twitter, Periscope, Amazon Twitch, Vimeo, or some other app
  8. For goodness’s sake, be sure you’ve got passwords and are able to hook into the system that’s at the venue. Try everything out ahead of time
  9. Find someone to operate the cameras and the streaming system on the day of the ceremony because you won’t be doing that
  10. Pre-send all pertinent links to perspective virtual guests

This is a headache! Have the Royal Wedding Chapel handle streaming for you!

When you combine live streaming with videography and photography, later on everyone will have access to multiple views. It’s like they get to see a hit movie from 3 different theater seats! Pretty cool! You’ll be amazed by all the little subtleties and events you missed!

Check out our live streaming packages and beautiful wedding chapels today and contact the Royal Wedding Chapel to learn all you can about streaming your Las Vegas wedding ceremony.

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