Trends for Las Vegas Wedding Receptions

Trends for Las Vegas Wedding Receptions

Trends for Las Vegas Wedding Receptions - Image
February 19, 2022

Royal Wedding Chapel knows you want your special day to be one of a kind and momentous. We suspect you have searched through everything online, poured over wedding and bridal magazines, and spent hours chatting with friends. You’ve looked at wedding reception venues and every wedding reception package available, yet we’d like to offer up a few ideas, some hopefully new, on what you might do.

Musical wedding

Share the music of your love and life by install a high performance and very visible audio system and playing and showcasing the music of your favorite genre or artist. Prominently display the speakers on girder mounts or pole stands. Elevate the equipment on a riser or stage. Add sound-sensing lighting. Bring in artwork, posters, videos, still photos, and album covers celebrating your favorite music genre or artist. Put up pictures of you and your love at concerts and events or in fanwear. Feature instruments, CDs or media highlighting the music. Ask people to attend in dress and clothing era appropriate to your music. Feature appropriate and select food, snacks, and beverages from that lifestyle age. And of course, be sure to have a prominent dance floor!

Keep cool

Las Vegas’ notoriety for scorching heat most of the year opens up a wonderful palette of “frozen” ideas for your wedding! How about a popsicle station or individualized ice cream cups? What about a “cooling station” featuring and enclosed area of comfortable seating surrounded by pumped in cool air and specialty drinks like lime and lemonade. Ice sculptures are a given but can prove expensive. Why not create special ice cubes to adorn water glasses and drinks? You’d be surprised how many imaginative and different molds for ice cubes can be found online! Pick one that fits your favorite hobby, pastime, or wedding motif. From balls to cacti to roses, you’ll find something you like and add an unexpected twist to impress your guests.

Nice hat!

Hats can add flavor to your occasion

How about a hat rack of stylish and outrageous hats? Guests don various ones for candid and group shots to memorialize your event in their own clever and unique ways. Costuming elements like boas, eyeglasses, wigs, and vintage apparel can maximize this idea and make your wedding the most memorable one they’ll attend.

Pull out the stops on props

Vegas allows you unparalleled access to movie theme weddings set props and a broad selection of futuristic corporate convention equipment! Whether you’re looking for specialized lighting, staging, or want to fully live out your wildest dreams and most imaginative creations, this city has the contacts and the bigger than life array to pull it off.

Dream Big

Las Vegas has all the common assets available to most towns and cities. For example, things that support the real estate industry’s desire to stage homes with furnishings and décor for open houses, party suppliers who’ll deliver everything from bounce houses to popcorn carts to mobile oxygen bars, and the usual cast of musicians, DJ’s, caterers, audio/visual equipment, and balloon twisters. But many people fail to think about the over-the-top assets one can find only in The Entertainment Capital of the World. You want circus apparatus? Rare animals or a petting zoo? This town can do it for you!

Craft area

Furnish a finger painting or craft area where wedding guests and the two families can mingle and create mementoes of the two of you! Give them a theme idea or a little gentle direction like “Favorite Wedding Moment” or “The Bride & Groom ”or “Self Portraits.”  Sheets of paper pulled from a long roll and vibrant paint creates an activity center to fill any lulls while waiting for you to arrive or should a glitch in the sequence of planned events occur.

Make your own sugar cookie

An alternate idea to the one above is a “roll your own sugar cookie station,” especially good for kids, where they can create their own cookies, have them placed in an oven and baked, and then frosted and decorated after they come out. Encourage parents to click photos and post them on your wedding website or Facebook page.

Eclectic tables, chairs, or décor

Instead of standard seating and tables bring in an eclectic variety of chairs, benches, sofas, or stools and tabletops. This can add a casual, almost Bohemian flair! You can extend that idea to encompass tablecloths, center pieces, and various artworks and displays in the reception area.

Wisdom Well

Set up a wishing well. Make it out of regular home style bricks with a little roof creation or buy one. Then make scraps of paper and pens available to guests to write words of wisdom or advice or greetings to the newly married couple, fold them up, and drop them into the well. You’ll so enjoy reading them later and occasionally reminiscing with them across the years.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Cause the guests to feel like vital pieces of the day by integrating them into the stylistic layout — in a display of significant photographs. “We do something we like to call ‘a world of fond memories,'” says Northern California occasion organizer Sasha Souza. “We drape photos of the lady of the hour and lucky man with loved ones along the stroll from the service to the gathering. It’s a great mixed drink party ice breaker.” As visitors go for a comfortable walk and find pictures of themselves with you, they can think back and mingle.

Are you planning a wedding of your own?

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