Just the Two of Us – The Perfect Venue for Small Weddings

Just the Two of Us – The Perfect Venue for Small Weddings

Just the Two of Us – The Perfect Venue for Small Weddings - Image
December 30, 2022

There’s just the two of us, but we want a nice wedding.

When it’s “just the two of us,” we know that your love affair has been close, personal, and intimate. No doubt, you want your wedding ceremony to reflect that same vibe! No big splashy gala affair. Just a few very close personal friends and family.  Somewhere cozy, warm, and intimate. But no skimping on class, quality, and elegance, yet no over-the-top, Hollywood production either! 

Is it safe to use an independent marriage venue instead of a casino?

You might be feeling a little leery and confused about booking a smaller wedding venue outside the confines of a big casino but follow in the footsteps of thousands of others who have discovered the cost savings, personal and professional attention, and happy results of choosing the Royal Wedding Chapel.

The Royal Wedding Chapel is the right choice!

The Royal Wedding Chapel is just the right place. You can choose elegant indoor settings under crystal chandeliers or more discrete and natural outdoor settings like The Secret Garden or even the world-famous Tree of Love. Each chapel is exquisite and yet much different. Unlike casino wedding chapels, you won’t feel like a cog in a massive marriage mill where people are punching timecards and pushing and rushing you along.

The wonderful chapels at the Royal Wedding are perfect for just the two of you or for smaller ceremonies still wanting conscientious attention to quality and value. Smaller does not mean compromise. Every detail you have dreamed about should be met. Union candles, knot tying, customized music, photography, video, streaming, champagne toasting, flowers, bridal room, and more are all yours.

More than just a wedding chapel, there are plenty of stayover rooms!

Many people are thrilled to discover that the Royal Wedding Chapel, although not buried deep within a major resort, does offer overnight stays and rooms immediately adjacent to the property. In fact, you can reserve a block of rooms.

Choose a wedding package or design your own.

At Royal Wedding Chapel your dream will be as turnkey or as customized and unique as you wish. Contact us today to get all the facts, details, and affordable pricing from the best consultants in all of Las Vegas. We have a full staff of officiants, planners, and coordinators. Their one dedicated mission is to see that your once-in-a-lifetime moment comes out perfectly! No detail is too small. No question is trivial. Talk to us and we will provide and focus on every asset expected from a full-service wedding venue and agency. 

A special place for special times!

The Royal Wedding Chapel is home to more than weddings. We do commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, corporate parties, art and music debuts, quinceaneras, bar and bat mitzvahs, and special events.  

Your elegant, lifetime moment is just a call away.

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