Royal Wedding Chapel: 2023 Wedding Trends

Royal Wedding Chapel: 2023 Wedding Trends

Royal Wedding Chapel: 2023 Wedding Trends - Image
March 27, 2023

Let us help you keep pace with new trends and the hottest ideas for weddings in 2023. This year is all about partying, giving guests surprisingly great times, and making your own wedding day more memorable than any of the ones you’ve ever been to before!

Weddings in 2023 are about excitement and unexpected detours from the staid affairs of the past.Being trendy startsbyabandoning the boring time of day when weddings were usually held — mornings. Forget the past. There is no reason that your wedding cannot be held at any time of the day! Do you want to get married in the early afternoon and then hold a rowdy reception party later in the evening? Well, do it! You get to rest up, change up, and go rave!

Modern bridal partners are prioritizing reception parties over the ceremonies! And that party vibe starts the moment guests arrive at said ceremony. Instead of the formal frontend chapel area with queued line and requisite guestbook signing, guests today walk into finger snacks, drinks, and light entertainment, some even offer a full bar. These arrival parties are often locale sensitive. For example, when in the tropics décor and food selection reflect it. There are fruits, ades, and leis.

The actual settings for weddings are becoming more and more nontraditional. Barns to boat docks are finding favor. Whatever fits the couples’ lifestyles, hobbies, or aspirations are becoming venues.

Traditional elements like aisles, ring bearers, and music are changing. Brides seldom take that stoic walkalone or with dad anymore. Today a group might accompany them with musicians or performers dancing ahead. And the garland straight aisles are giving way to curved or S-shaped ones with seatingaccordingly arranged to accommodate them. People get captivated by breaking up the formal rows of chairs.

The classic altar look is being replaced by pergolas, draping, flowers, and specialty lighting.

Musical elements are being moved around to create continuity or surprises during ceremonies. And ceremonies encompass more theatrics, if you will. And not necessarily just from the brides, grooms, or officiants. It is becoming more popular to have guest appearances or performance elements included from a friend, relative, or third party.

Fusion family members and pets are participating in ceremonies.

While ceremonies are evolving, receptions are going to a whole new level of entertainment.It’s about more than décor and the dance floor. Look up! Modern reception parties decorate the ceilings! This adds amazing impact because people feel fully enveloped. Ceilings should match décor or wedding themes. This blank canvas is fully open to your wild imagination!You can hang remnants of your youth. Ceilings can feature model airplanes to artfully crafted artificial flowers, red solo cups to beachwear and sunglasses, movie posters to Halloween candy! Take your lives and paint the ceiling with them!

Wedding receptions are becoming “welcoming parties”! It starts when guests arrive and receive party bags right at the entrance. The bags might be filled withvarieties of handcrafted chocolates and hardware consisting of assorted nuts and bolts where guests can mingle and find fitting parts, or they might contain fun stuff like bubbles and Nerf guns. The bags do not all have to be the same. Children can get age-appropriate party toys and trinkets while adults received more elegantthings.

Décor is more colorful than ever this year. Patterns with bold textures and bright colors are in! Satin chic is giving way to hi-tech.

Moderate competitive events like corn hole, putting, or carnival games are gaining increased popularity. People get to stroll betweenactivities and interact with each other in very informal and fun settings. These icebreakers are fun entertainment, especially for more active people and children who are in attendance. These should match up with andshowcase the couple’s interests.

Food menus are becoming eclectic. Gone are the days of traditional chicken/beef buffet setups. Today you’ll find food stations with cuisines from across the globe. And desserts are getting outrageously creative!

Gigantic cake toppers are back in vogue in a big way. And so too are things other than tacky bride and groom toppers. They are being replaced by flowers, artwork, and ice cream! “Pet children” are even appearing instead.

For hardcore party couples there are after parties after the reception! These are often held at party venues away from where the main reception area was. Caution here, discourage drinking and driving by supplying transportation. Arranging for themed-out party buses or shuttles is a really nice touch that keeps everyone safe and on time. And, of course, there is no getting out of the party mood because the shuttles keep right on serving! Brides and grooms often change up the themes for the after parties. Going mobster or Hollywood, for example, reinvigorates everyone. The changeup keeps things spontaneous and engaging!

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