Las Vegas Marriage License

Las Vegas is the “Wedding Capital of the World.” It is the ultimate wedding destination because it is easy for everyone to get to, it has no red tape that holds things up — like blood tests and waiting periods, and the marriage license bureau is open every single day of the year! Talk about convenience! There are literally thousands of places to get married! Every casino, whether a megaresort on The Strip or a neighborhood locals’ destination, has a wedding chapel and a planner. There are more churches per capita in Vegas than in any other U.S. city. Weddings are held all over town in event centers, restaurants, outdoor gardens, movie theaters, amusement centers, country clubs, and major attractions. People get married on the High Roller, in casino penthouses, and in the backyards of mansions.

But when it comes to major marrying holidays like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even Mother’s Day, the primary destinations of choice are the hundreds of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. 

There are tons of wedding chapels in Las Vegas, but which are best? What are the Top 5?

The Royal Wedding Chapel

By far the most elegant selection on the list, this venue offers 4 distinctively different venue choices. Two of them are indoors and two are outdoors. Choose from romantic crystal settings to natural outside greenery. This full-capability facility accommodates everything from ceremonies to receptions, including stayover rooms.

A Little White Chapel

This fixture on The Vegas Strip since 1951, now does drive-thru weddings as well as more traditional fare in the main chapel. It is a cozy and intimate place. It also has a nice outdoor gazebo, perfect when the weather is mostly nice from October thru May. 

Little Church of the West

This old-west replica is historically accurate and exudes a country vibe through and through. If you like this sort of thing, it is photogenically folksy, rustic, and has a really nice exterior. When you want something juxtaposed with Vegas glitz and glamor, this might just be your cup of tea!

Graceland Chapel

Opened over 80 years ago, this place holds bragging rights as the first Elvis-themed wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Located 5 miles from The Strip in downtown Las Vegas, you get the full Elvis wedding experience, complete with the impersonator, the music, and the vibe. They like to talk about being featured in movies and marrying people like Jay Leno, Mathew Perry, and Salma Hayek.

Elvis Chapel

Specializing in Elvis-themed weddings, this is another Elvis specialty venue, but it focuses on Chad Collins as a high-quality impersonator. Chad’s first public performance as Elvis happened when he was only 5 years old. His uncanny talents led to appearances on Ellen DeGeneres and more contest wins than can be listed here. Nice sitting areas and the perfunctory velvet Elvis on the wall dresses this place out!

No matter where you choose to go, book your reservation early, especially around 3-day weekends and holidays. And beware of dates that are numerically significant, like 1/23/23 or 2/23/23 for example. Dates, where the numbers repeat or appear sequentially, are in higher demand and better chapels sell out!

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