Top Themed Wedding Ideas for Las Vegas

Top Themed Wedding Ideas for Las Vegas

Top Themed Wedding Ideas for Las Vegas - Image
July 14, 2022

When you want to make your wedding novel unique and really special, an event everyone will remember, consider some wedding planning and picking out a theme for it. Check out these great wedding theme ideas. 

Themed wedding themes in 2022 are all the rage. 

With the newly released Elvis movie this year, Las Vegas Elvis themed weddings are hotter than ever this year and people really love them. Hey, it’s Vegas kitschy on steroids! Enjoy everything you’d expect! An Elvis officiant, the pink Cadillac wedding cake, all the appropriate music, and props. With an Elvis wedding, the fun never stops.

In 2022 like most years, couples often like to theme their wedding days in the style of the most popular movies. While the typical couple will rule out horror and Jackass movies, think Jurassic Park or Top Gun Maverick or Marvel’s Thor movie wedding venues instead. There are sci-fi, rom-coms, and whodunits to choose from. But, hey, we’ve done it all.

Movie Inspired Weddings 

 From Rocky Horror Show to Easy Rider. Talk to us about the movie you have in mind and rely on us to shop the props and talents to make it happen on your big day.

There are lots of tried-and-true thematic categories, like motorcycles & rec vehicles, rustic life, medieval realms, garden & cottage, tech & gaming, comic-con, cultural & ethnic, and destination.

Destination themes are often favorites. They can harken back to when and where the couple met or to a future bucket list dream. They’re always eye-catching. And you can have such great fun with so many different things such as décor, decorations, food, transportation, and music. 

Beach Weddings 

Beach Theme weddings are always popular

Picture a Hawaiian theme. Palm trees, hula dancers, leis, poupou platters, ukuleles, sand, and shells. The bride was whisked into the room by tribal bearers. Bridal party costumes could be really eye-catching! Hawaiian shirts on the men.  Sultry tops and skirts on the bride’s posse. 

Go old school with music from Don Ho or update things with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Talk about colorful and entertaining!

We love doing rustically themed weddings under our soaring Tree of Love. It’s such a wonderfully beautiful natural outdoor environment. Princess/Prince weddings come off really nicely here as well.

TV Weddings

Hit TV shows like Bridgerton make nice wedding decor. When you put something like this in the Crystal wedding chapel and use the Prussian blue color palette, your guests are in for something really special. Lace, ruffles, and wisteria will round things out nicely.

Elegant theme wedding

Seasonal themes always come off nicely. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, a pumpkin patch in the fall, an earlier spring fling, or a winter wonderland, the Royal Wedding Chapel’s consultants will make your event special. 

Have you thought about a “passion or hobby” theme? Bicycle and boating enthusiasts are fun at weddings. Think about a nautical theme, for example. Treasure chest centerpieces with strings of beads and starfish and sea urchins. 

Use beach pastels, floral arrangements and wavy fabrics to create an undersea realm of beauty in startling contrast to the stark and barren surrounding desert landscape. When it comes to hobbies, scrapbooking to arts & crafts and outdoor sports can be marvelous concepts. 

Theme Wedding Photography 

Wedding Photography and art open up unparalleled opportunities like photo booths and prop shops, or drawing and painting areas. I mean, who goes to a wedding thinking they’re going to walk out with a memorable costume photo or a handcrafted work of art?

What if you did a wine or food tasting theme? Everyone seems to be on board with eating and drinking at a wedding, but wouldn’t it be terrific if you gave guests a controlled opportunity to sample and vote on their favorite selections of wine? Round things out with canapes, palate cleansers, and commemorative wine glasses. Classy!

Of course, you are in Vegas, and if you want that Vegas themed wedding, we are all about it. From gun moll clothing to violin cases and green felt gaming we can cast the aura folks will never forget. Make it old style Vegas with a tip of the hat to the mob or glam it up with a hotter new Vegas look. 


Petra owns the Royal Wedding Chapel and is internationally known, recognized, and respected. She has appeared on television, served on panels, and is a much sought-after authority for wedding expertise. People come from across the globe and from every city and village in the United States to tie the knot at her special spot. 

Contact us today to find out all about what we can and will do for you. While others try, you can rely on the Royal Wedding Chapel. It is the place to start the first day of your forevermore wedded life.

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