Top Vegas Theme Wedding Impersonators Trends 2022

Top Vegas Theme Wedding Impersonators Trends 2022

Top Vegas Theme Wedding Impersonators Trends 2022 - Image
August 17, 2022

Dreaming of a wedding in Las Vegas? Why not! It’s the biggest, flashiest, splashiest, wildest time you could ever have! This is the Entertainment Capital of the World! This is where all the action has traction! Get married here and this is the place and the time your friends and family will remember coming to you forever!

How to kick your Las Vegas theme wedding up a notch

Now, it’s obvious you are not conventional. No sleepy little local church wedding in your future! You are coming to Vegas to marry for crying out loud! So why not crank it up a notch? Have you ever thought about having a really good star impersonator perform your ceremony?

How would you like to be married in 2022 by a top Las Vegas theme wedding impersonator?  Are you looking for Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Fonzi, Joan Rivers, Vegas Showgirls, famous singers, Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood stars, magicians, or comedians? Vegas has them and they can marry you!

And look, you don’t have to limit impersonators to just Las Vegas weddings. They can and will make special appearances at baby showers, corporate events, birthday parties, vowel renewals, house parties, family reunions, or your next get together.

NFR weddings in Las Vegas

Who is the most desired Las Vegas impersonator to officiate at weddings?

Hands down, not even close, Elvis Presleys are still kings of the hill for most desirable wedding impersonators. Though Elvis passed in 1977, he and Las Vegas are perpetually linked. He did over 630 live in person performances on stage at the International Hotel here. In fact, he still holds the longest residency of any performer to this day. His charisma, impact, and music remain timeless even into 2022.


There are an estimated 3,500 Elvis impersonators in the United States

And unsurprisingly most of them live in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are Elvis impersonators here from every race and many nationalities. They represent different ages and stages of his life. Older, younger; thin and heavy. There are even skydiving Elvi (plural of Elvis). Some are more musically inclined while others are into props and schtick, if you will. Most all specialize in costuming, voice, and gestures. You want a pink Cadillac? Done. You can find aviator sunglasses, high collared sequined one-piece jumpsuits, and jet-black hair everywhere. An interesting aside: did you know Elvis’ natural hair color was blond? Yep. True.

How do I go about finding a wedding impersonator?

The short answer is, “Google knows all.”  Search online for “Las Vegas Elvis impersonators” or “impersonators Las Vegas.”  YouTube can be a source for talent searching. Another approach is to make inquiries at Vegas talent agencies and with talent managers. Booking agents and entertainment directors at casinos, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues have contacts. Ask reliable wedding chapels and venues. Search out Elvis clubs and associations. Ask hotel concierges. And if you encounter a legitimate longtime Vegas cab driver, you’ll be shocked by how many people from diverse walks of life they can put you in immediate touch with!

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How much should I expect to pay for an Elvis impersonator?

You might find an Elvis impersonator for a bargain rate of $100 per hour. But you know you get what you pay for. While a $100 in Peoria will get you a decent Elvis impersonator, in Vegas I’d be ready for, shall we say, an unpredictable experience.  Expect pricing to be higher for better or more well-known performers. The more talented and more realistic, the bigger the price tag. Some entertainers are priced by the event. If you go that route, be sure you have things agreed to in writing, and be sure to include language about what happens if the event runs longer than the prescribed time. 

Vegas runs the gamut of talent when it comes to Elvis impersonators, from campy and creepy to dead ringers. It all depends upon what you want. Check a bunch of them out before making any decision. Many have personal websites that feature extensive information and videos of their performances. Look for letters of recommendation and know many offer a list of references. 


Always ask the Royal Wedding Chapel about wedding impersonators

This well-known theme wedding venue is an anchor between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. The staff knows virtually everyone involved in the city’s wedding industry. Additionally, they have well developed contacts overseas. If there’s a great impersonator, they know about it.

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