Ultimate guide to eloping in Las Vegas

Ultimate guide to eloping in Las Vegas

Ultimate guide to eloping in Las Vegas - Image
August 17, 2022

Here is everything you’ll need to know about eloping in Las Vegas! Your Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Las Vegas!

Eloping in Las Vegas is the stuff dreams are made of. People flood in from across the country and from around the world to tie the knot in this world-famous spot! Start planning your elopement here because it is so easy to get marriage licenses, there are lots of places to get married, it’s affordable, and there are tons of things for wedding couples and family members to do in the days before and after the ceremonies!

How to get your marriage license in Las Vegas.

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is open every single day of the year. Hours vary. It is located at 201 East Clark Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada, zip code 89101.

 You can apply for your marriage license online or just go down in person when you get into town. Either way, both people getting married must appear together in person to pick up the actual license. You’ll both need to be 18 years of age or older, have proof of the same and some form of approved ID like a valid driver’s license, passport, official U.S. ID, official foreign ID, military or military dependent ID, certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, and there’s a few others.

 The State of Nevada has no waiting period before you can use the license and requires no blood test. The license currently costs $102 payable in cash, credit card, or debit card. Sorry, they do not accept checks. Click here to go directly to the Clark County Marriage License website for complete information about Clark County Marriage License.  

Where to get married in Las Vegas

There are literally thousands of places to put on a wedding dress and get hitched in Las Vegas. After all, it is the official “Wedding Capital of the World”!

Resorts and Strip Casinos Wedding Services

Lots of people get married in these places. Almost every single one of them has a wedding chapel or venue. The nice thing about them is that they offer turnkey weddings. 

You’ll deal with a high-powered wedding director who operates a high-volume wedding mill. Her job is to keep the venue full and flowing on time. Get people in, married, catered or partied as the case may be, and out. She books months in advance, has layers of departmental assistants to handle various aspects like scheduling, venue preparation, catering, floral, photogs and videographers, and so on. 

It is often convenient to marry at Strip hotels because you can spend the day leisurely preparing and dressing in your room and then walk to the marriage center. 

The drawbacks to marrying at casinos and hotels are fitting into their schedules, dealing with congestion both on the Strip and within the hotels themselves, being overwhelmed by the lengthy amount of assets and services you have to mix and match while staying within budget, and paying much higher prices because these facilities are unionized. Additionally, they use the clout of their brands and notoriety to press prices higher.

Off Strip Casino/Hotel Wedding Services

There are local hotel/casinos in virtually every direction away from the Strip. Many of them feature their own wedding chapels and wedding directors. They’re glad to pick up the overflow from Strip resorts. The same game is afoot here as with Strip resorts, just on a smaller scale. Prices remain higher here as well because of unionized workers.

Free-standing Wedding Chapels

It seems like Elvis got married at about 50 different places in town! Like mushrooms after a warm spring rain, plenty of independent wedding chapels have sprung up. Some are themed. They might be a country/western setting or all about Vegas or Elvis. They’ll each feature various menu options, and each will offer different challenges as far as whether they have rooms to stay in on site, reception capabilities, and ceremonial choices.

Local Area Churches with Wedding Services

Compared to any other city in America, there are more churches per capita in Las Vegas than any other! Quite a surprise to find that out about Sin City, huh? But it’s true. After all, after a long night dealing the roulette at a casino, when you’re sitting at home with your family and loved ones, it can by hard to justify how some guy placed the equivalent of your month’s wages in one bet on black. 

Whatever the reason they’re here, you do have quite a few options to marry at a church. Virtually every faith imaginable is represented. It is helpful to have a relative or to know and get a referral from someone in the congregation. 

Churches have significant pressure from local residents for weddings, especially on weekends. Of course, each church operates a little differently and presents more or fewer assets, but if you have enough time and inclination for a faith based matrimonial location, this is a viable option.

Local Downtown Wedding Facilities

Vegas has a rich heritage of unique places where you can get married from cactus gardens to specialty venues like museums and exhibition halls and attractions. There are surrounding natural locations, parks, and ghost towns. If you have a thought about a place, make an inquiry. You’d be surprised how often you’ll here, “Why, yes, we just hosted a wedding last week.”

The Best of All Worlds Is at the Royal Wedding Chapel

Getting married at the Royal Wedding Chapel offers the best of all worlds. Rather than a wedding director, you’ll have the help of highly experienced international wedding consultants and planners. You’ll be able to choose between 4 beautiful chapels ranging from lush natural outdoor settings to elegant crystal ballrooms.

 You’ll have access to a sweeping bride’s room. If you need a block of rooms for you and guests to stay over in, they have them. Every imaginable service is available: gowns, tuxes, flowers, limos, officiants, music, catering, wedding photography / video, unity candles, live streaming, and much, much more. 

No high prices driven by unions. No price gouging. No high pressure. Just easy, well planned events with all your worries left to pros in the know. Located just north of the Strip, the Royal Wedding Chapel is convenient to it and to downtown without being trapped in the chaos.

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is the premier place in the world to get married. And now you know the secret of the Royal Wedding Chapel.

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