<strong>What do I need to get married in Las Vegas?</strong>

What do I need to get married in Las Vegas?

What do I need to get married in Las Vegas? - Image">
April 13, 2023

It is probably easier to get married in Las Vegas than any other place in the world! But there are 4 things you absolutely need to have. Let us tell you how to get them, and how to keep things as easy as possible.

  1. The first most important thing you need to get married in Las Vegas isthewedding venue. Now there’s literally thousands of wedding venues in Vegas,but believe it or not, they do book up, especially around significant holidays, three-day weekends, and dates that have quirks in them like numerical repetition or sequencing. For example, this year March 23rd — 3/23/23 was a big date. New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are historically the most active days.

When selecting a venue, you need to take a few things into consideration.

  • How many guests will be attending?
  • Where are they staying relative to The Strip or other placesaround town where they’ll be coming from?
  • How are they going to get from place to place?
  • Traffic congestion is constant problem and there are major repaving projects going on seemingly all the time, like the one happening right this moment for the upcoming Formula 1 race.
  • Avoid coming when major events or conventions are in town. Room rates soar, restaurants and attractions are overrun, and impromptu weddings happen more and crowd you out. If you are coming during one of these times, book well in advance.
  • Be sure the venue has the size, personnel, assets, and most importantly, experience to accommodate the ceremony and reception you dreamt about. Whether you want a massive event with a cast of participants in the wedding party, a guest list of 300, and everything from limos to live entertainment combos or just a short, simple, and quick ceremony,the Royal Wedding Chapel has what you need.
  • The second thing you need to get married in Las Vegas is an officiant to oversee, conduct, and sanction the ceremony. Luckily, there are many. Decide who you are most comfortable with: an Elvis impersonator, a staid and proper preacher man, a modern woman, or perhaps a quirky one with rainbow colored hair and a penchant for rhyming everything they say. Let the venue assist you with this search. They have in-house officiants as well as a full list of affiliates who are glad to get the work.

To get married in Las Vegas you must have an officiant and at least one witness. Most venues can and will supply both upon receiving enough notification.

  • The third thing you need to think about is where your guests are staying. There are more hotel rooms in Las Vegas than in any other city in the world. And they run the gamut from opulence to barely functional, from The Strip to neighborhoods, to Airbnb’s. Coordinating and timing the events for your wedding day certainly should not hinge on where guests are staying, but the more efficiently you plan ahead, the better. When it comes to easy accommodations, the Royal Wedding Chapel can reserve a block of rooms immediately adjacent to the wedding venue.
  • The last but certainly important thing you need is the marriage license. Securing a marriage license in some states is a major hassle, but not in Nevada or in Las Vegas. Blood tests are not required and there is no waiting period. The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is open every single day of the year without exception. Hours of operation fluctuate, so call or check them out online.

To secure a marriage license in Las Vegas:

  • Both people must be at least 18 years old.
  • Both people must appear in person. Exceptions can be made for those who are incapacitated or prevented from doing so, perhaps in a hospital for example.
  • On a typical day you should check ahead to be sure about the hours of operation and then show up at 201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas, NV89101. Allow at least 15 to 20 minutes to go through the process.
  • Now, during certain peak days of wedding activity, the bureau opens an ancillary office at the airport, and you can get your marriage license right there.
  • Valid proof of ID with an approved government issued document must be presented by both people. These are things such as a driver’s licenses, passports, military IDs, U.S. Certificates of Citizenship, and such. Be aware that Clark County requires that foreign birth certificates are presented in an English translated official form.
  • Both people must be unmarried and not related as kin by blood.
  • You must pay $102. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Click here for complete details Clark County Marriage License Bureau.

Be smart and get rid of the uncertainty and anxiety by calling the Royal Wedding Chapel at 702.780-0555 or going online to Royalweddingchapel.com

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