What to Wear to a Las Vegas Wedding: 4 Tips

What to Wear to a Las Vegas Wedding: 4 Tips

What to Wear to a Las Vegas Wedding: 4 Tips - Image
October 10, 2022

So, you’re going to Las Vegas for a wedding! That really is special! After all, it’s someone’s milepost of a lifetime and it’s happening in the Wedding Capital of the World!

When you’re the bride and groom, what to wear to your Las Vegas wedding is pretty much a foregone conclusion. But when you’re a wedding guest, deciding what to wear can be a real head scratcher.

You see weddings in Las Vegas run a wide orbit from ultra-formal to super casual. It’s nice to know what you are walking into.  And, in general if you have a sharp wedding couple, they pretty much made it very clear what guests ought to wear to the event. 

Much like anywhere else in America, when in doubt, overdress. Nevertheless, here are 

4 Tips about How to Dress for a Wedding in Las Vegas

  1. Shoes are the most important thing to consider! Shoes are one of the last things most people think about when dressing for a wedding, but in Vegas, put them first on your list. You see, I can’t begin to tell you how many blistered feet have overlooked this simple guidance! While they may appear deceptively close, Vegas hotels and casinos are massive and far apart. For example, the MGM Grand sits on a parcel of land that was formerly an 18 hole, fully landscaped, professional golf course! It may not look that big when you’re driving up on it, but believe me, it can be an agonizingly long hike when you have to navigate through it to get to a wedding venue! You’re going to walk a long, long way. When you’re in stilettos with pinched toes and rubbing heels, the next 100 yards will be the pure torture you said you’d never do again! You’ve been here before. Don’t go there in Vegas. No matter what, wear comfortable shoes.

2. Know whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors.

Where and when the wedding will be held is hugely significant. From the third week of May through the third week of October, outdoor temperatures easily soar past 100°! Sitting there, outdoors in the hot sun, in a long-sleeved dress won’t be fun. Alternatively, if the wedding is indoors under blasting air-conditioning, a thin and sheer party dress won’t do. Now, the “Vegas wedding curse” is when a wedding event includes both indoor and outdoor settings! What works in one won’t work in the other. Experienced locals and visitors know to carry a typical dress for heat and then carry along shawls or trendy and lightweight outerwear.

las vegas wedding transportation
Limo at Royal Wedding Chapel | Las Vegas

3. Make good transportation plans.

Weddings are often held on the Vegas Strip at one of the highly congested, busy, and confusing mega-resorts. What this means for you is that if you don’t plan carefully, you’ll suffer delays, frustration, and lots of physical discomfort. Should you drive a private or rental vehicle, you’re going to want to know in advance where to park, what costs are involved, and how convenient everything is to where the actual venue is. Public transportation such as limos, taxis, or ride share will have nuances. For example, ride share is going to drop you off at only one designated location on property, no matter how convenient another entrance might be. The mode of transportation to the wedding may influence your choice for apparel. Traveling by monorail or bus will mean an adjustment in clothing for sure.

4. Carry helpful accessories.

Wedding guests in Las Vegas often carry hand fans in their purses. And in fact these often become subjects of conversations among guests. Some women save their arms and prefer battery operated fans. Cool, moisture wicking seat cushions are super to bring along, especially when you have an accompanying gentleman carry it. You continue to look stunning, enjoy comfort, and the added padding is always appreciated. 

Carry water with you. While being seen at a wedding with a fast-food soda cup is deemed cheesy, hydro-flasks and bottled waters are widely accepted.

To find out as much as you can about weddings in Las Vegas, contact the ultimate authorities at the Royal Wedding Chapel. Believe me, they’ve done and seen it all! Dress for success at Vegas weddings by working with the industry insiders, Royal Wedding Chapel.

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