Which is better? An indoor or outdoor wedding?

Which is better? An indoor or outdoor wedding?

Which is better? An indoor or outdoor wedding? - Image
May 4, 2023

Engaged and about to get married! Congratulations and welcome to one of the happiest yet most confusing times of your life! We envy you! And wish we could do it all over again, too!

Couples getting married have to make a lot of decisions in a short time Like indoor or outdoor wedding, and they get a lot of advice, pushing and pulling at them in every direction. The hardest part of it all can be compromising with your partner about what to do. And one of the biggest first decisions is about whether to get married at an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony.

Here are some guidelines to help you find your way about which is better, an indoor or an outdoor wedding?

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are perfect for couples who want to be in the wide-open spaces, feeling the breeze and savoring the sky above. Outdoor weddings offer canvases of limitless possibilities, courtesy of Mother Nature. 

Country weddings

Specialty themed outdoor weddings like country lifestyle events can be fabulous. Complete them with haybales, hoedown music, and barbequed meats, beans, corn, and biscuits. Folks come dressed county casual or formal. Of course, horses and buggies replace the limos as brides and grooms are whisked away!

Sport-centric weddings

Outdoor sports enthusiasts often make their passions the centerpieces at their weddings. Hikers and bikers might have guests trek a short way on foot into a nicely staged wedding area among beautiful natural red rocks or a rippling stream in a shady cove.

Park weddings

Urban parks work nicely for downtowners or urbanites who want to showcase their lifestyles. Events can feature everything from dog walking and pet attendance to street vendor foods and buskers (street performers) at the reception. If you decide to go this route, be sure to look into the process to reserve the park and what rules and restrictions might apply.

Professional outdoor wedding venues

There are many select and professional outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas. Two highly recommended ones are the Tree of Love and The Secret Garden at the Royal Wedding Chapel. These internationally recognized venues are spectacular in different ways. The Tree of Love wedding site sits among a soaring 90-foot pine tree adorned with crystals. It has a spectacularly picturesque and photogenic bench-like seat in its trunk. The perfect place for naturally lit videos and photos. The venue will support larger groups than The Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is perfect for smaller and more intimate outdoor weddings. It features lush greenery and flowers. Check for availability at 702.780-0555.

A little caution about outdoor weddings in Las Vegas

Vegas experiences extremely high heat and penetrating sunshine during the summer months. And that heat will typically occur anywhere from the third week of May into the third week of October. So, when planning anything outdoors and attended by guests, consider having plenty of water, and in daylight, shade available. People, especially those from out of town will not realize how rapidly dehydration sets in because the air is so very dry. One other weather consideration. During the spring and fallseasons, the area experiences occasional high and disruptive winds. Winds of up to 60 miles per hour are not uncommon, and they will kick up dust and debris and literally blow everything away, including tables and chairs. Careful planning with sided and anchored tents and such can prevail against these winds.

Indoor weddings

Indoor weddings are most often preferred because they are in controlled environments with no surprises from inclement weather, stray critters and bugs, or uninvited interlopers who might straggle past. Full services and facilities are immediately available, like bridal prep rooms and plenty of electrical hookups for bands, entertainers, and lighting. Decorating and food preparation are done more conveniently.

With indoor weddings, giving up the spectacular ambience of outdoors gets replaced by all the expected creature comforts.

When it comes to indoor weddings, consider the Royal Showroom or the Crystal Wedding Chapel. Each is spectacular in different ways. The Royal Showroom features high ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and draped walls. It features a built-din stage and can accommodate up to 300 guests. The Crystal Wedding Chapel is slightly smaller and quite glamourous. It is superbly decorated, as you might expect from the name, with crystal elegance. It is more intimate and carefully coordinated to showcase the bridal party and especially the bride’s gown.

Have the best of both worlds.

The Royal Wedding Chapel is your complete wedding destination in Las Vegas, whether you are looking to marry indoors or outside. They always have affordable packages so check now to find the best ones currently. And being one of Las Vegas’ very best full-service wedding venues, they can and will customize to meet your every expectation.

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