Why You Should Get Married at Royal Wedding Chapel Over Desert Shores

Why You Should Get Married at Royal Wedding Chapel Over Desert Shores

Why You Should Get Married at Royal Wedding Chapel Over Desert Shores - Image
March 26, 2023

You are considering coming to Las Vegas to get married. Friends and well-meaning family members are telling you all about areas around town that they recommend. You never knew there were so many opinions! One of the places that keeps coming up is Desert Shores. And you’re asking yourself, “What’s the deal?”

Desert Shores is a private housing oasis nestled in the foothills in the northwestern part of the Las Vegas metro area. It is a 15,000 household master planned area with 3,500 units governed by a persnickety homeowners’ association.

While it is picturesque and surrounds 4 manmade lakes, it is a gated community, so access is limited.  It has a vibrant clubhouse with some interesting activities going on, like gardening, knitting, dancing, and exercising. There’s also a convenient swimming pool. It is lagoon styled with palm trees.

While it is a nice bedroom community and retirement place, it’s not exactly a magnet for weddings. Everything you might consider having there would have to be planned, configured, trucked in, and set up. It’s one of those locations you have to see first and then picture how to build it out to best accommodate your event.

The other drawbacks are the significant time it takes to drive up there from everywhere else in Vegas and the traffic congestion that attending guests would have to maneuver through. With nearly 3,000,000 people now permanently residing in the Vegas Valley, it takes a lot longer to get around than folks remember. While grandpa and grandma might live at Desert Shores and the place is scenic enough, there are way too many hurdles to overcome on a day where you want to eliminate as much stress as possible.

To compromise with friends and family wishing to avoid the hassles of weddings at a megaresort on The Strip, and to still get everything you ever dreamed of, consider the Royal Wedding Chapel. You get convenience, intimacy, and romantic elegance at affordable pricing.

The Royal Wedding Chapel has four stunning venues including the Tree of Love, built around a real live tree. It creates a natural, truly outdoorsy feeling for celebrating your special day. And it’s a perfect place for vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, and other significant events you might not have considered. People come to the Royal Wedding Chapel for all sorts of events besides matrimonial. Upscale corporate meetings, installments of club and association officers, and even musical debuts have been held there. There are even bar mitzvahs and quinceaneras.  The facilities are that complete and accommodating. 

Another venue there is the romantic Crystal Chapel. It has understated elegance. Style without compromise. Intimacy without cheap glitz.

There is the massive Royal Showroom. This biggest of 4 venues is able to comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception, the Royal Wedding Chapel will work. And with a staff of internationally seasoned wedding consultants, planners, and coordinators, you get unimaginable help and just can’t go wrong.

The Royal Wedding Chapel is located adjacent to the historic Thunderbird Hotel, so adding a package of rooms for the wedding party and guests is both convenient and affordable.

Wedding packages start at under $100. Call (702)780-0555 or go online to https://royalweddingchapel.com/

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