Las Vegas Marriage License
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Easy Tips to Get a Cheap Marriage License in Las Vegas

Maybe you’re like me and the thought of a big, elaborate wedding is the last thing you would ever do. You’ve seen friends and relatives get up in tornado’s of wedding plans and problems, from guest lists to venues, entertainment, and even finding the right officiants. They put up with squabbling parents and more friends with unwanted opinions than there are grains of sand on the beach at Waikiki. Their stress levels went through the roof. They were miserable throughout the entire process.  And any happiness they planned on having seemed to get sucked out of the room like an astronaut blown out of a space capsule with an asteroid strike!

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How to Renew Your Wedding Vows in Las Vegas

The burning question for many visitors is “How do I renew my vows in Las Vegas?”

Your wedding day probably seems like only yesterday. and then again in some ways. it’s a lifetime ago. On the actual day when most people got married, it was a total blur. There was so much to remember and to do perfectly.

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All Inclusive Las Vegas Wedding Packages for under $1,000

You’re coming to Las Vegas and there’s no time like the present to get married. You’ve been talking about it for years, it seems. You’ve thought about all your options. You could do like the one girlfriend who had a massive and gorgeous church wedding in her hometown with eight attendants and a horse drawn carriage, but that’s just not you. You could have a pathetic understated justice of the peace ceremony at the courthouse, no way! An affordable and fun Las Vegas wedding chapel is right at your fingertips and the perfect choice! 

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Trends for Las Vegas Wedding Receptions

Royal Wedding Chapel knows you want your special day to be one of a kind and momentous. We suspect you have searched through everything online, poured over wedding and bridal magazines, and spent hours chatting with friends. You’ve looked at wedding reception venues and every wedding reception package available, yet we’d like to offer up a few ideas, some hopefully new, on what you might do.

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Getting Married in Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas is the stuff movies are made of! It’s the Hollywood dream for lots of young couples and even older partners. And a lot of people just want to come and renew their wedding vows while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. More people get married here than anywhere else on the planet. After all, it is “the Wedding Capital of the World.”

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