How Much Does an Elvis Wedding Cost in Las Vegas?

How Much Does an Elvis Wedding Cost in Las Vegas?

How Much Does an Elvis Wedding Cost in Las Vegas? - Image
November 23, 2022

The Costs Can You Expect for a Elvis Themed Wedding in Las Vegas

Elvis got married in Las Vegas. And if you watch the advertising, it’s the kind of thing folks from the east coast might appreciate most — in the same vein as “Washington slept here.” 

Washington must have slept everywhere from Maine to Carolina and in every one of the 13 original colonies! And much the same way, it looks like Elvis got married at every other chapel in Las Vegas! Of course, it happened at only one place. He and Priscilla tied the knot in 1967 at the now extinct Aladdin Hotel. Paris sits where it once stood.

Well, regardless, you’re checking in to learn more about Elvis weddings in Vegas and what they cost.

So, as you probably expect the cost of Elvis weddings in Las Vegas are commensurate upon just how many Elvis elements and layers of service you want.

You might be able to find a bargain basement Elvis wedding for around $75 – $100. Unbelievable! Believe me, it will be unbelievable! Your “you get what you pay for button” should be glowing red hot. And just because the name says Elvis wedding chapel, don’t get taken in. There must be a half a dozen of those around. If it’s off-season and real cheap just be sure you are not dealing with a sketchy brand. Now, if it’s during peak season like around Valentine’s Day, the holidays, New Year’s, or 3-day weekends, be forewarned. Too good to be true is too good to be true.

For the best in affordable Elvis weddings in Vegas consider the following:

Elvis as the officiant

Have your wedding officiated by a realistic Elvis impersonator. Our veteran staff of wedding consultants, planners, and coordinators has a repertoire of the finest impersonators in the city. Don’t look when we have the book!

Feature Elvis music 

Signature Elvis songs can add a lot to your wedding. You might select hits such as the Hawaiian Wedding Song from the movie “Blue Hawaii,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Burning Love,” or perhaps “Crying in the Chapel.” You’ll love our soundtrack recommendations!

Pink Cadillac

Travel in style like Elvis did in Tupelo, Mississippi, or at Sun Studios in Memphis. Elvis was famous for buying Cadillacs and cars for relatives, friends, and fans. You might as well get married in Cadillac style as well!

Have an Elvis theme through and through

Your wedding can feature costumed officiants and hosts, leis, Elvis props, and plenty of music. Keep it fun and lively by pulling a switcheroo and having the groom walk down the aisle to the tune of “He Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog”! Why, we can even serve your guests peanut butter and ‘nanner sandwiches!

Talk to us

We specialize in Elvis weddings and want to make your lifetime event unique and special!

The Royal Wedding Chapel has 4 exquisite and elegant wedding rooms, one sure to fit your needs and taste. We handle any and all needs, whether you prefer a simple Elvis wedding or a major turnkey affair with ceremony, decorations, sit-down catering, music, and entertainment. From flowers to limos to a block of onsite rooms we will cover you.

Las Vegas sees over a hundred-thousand matrimonial unions in a typical year with Elvis being the predominantly favored theme. Let us tell you why and what it costs!

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